Marijuana growing

Top 8 Best Books for Marijuana Growing

If you’re new to marijuana growing or even an experienced grower, there’s always more to learn about cannabis. “You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” -Julia Child The ever-learning marijuana grower should eagerly get their hands on as much information as possible. Meet fellow weed growers and to see set-ups, absorb and analyze the advice
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Hawaii Grow Tips #2

    The Cage If you would prefer your guerrilla marijuana patches not getting busted, it is imperative that people can’t see them! A local Hawaiian method dubbed ‘the cage’ works magnificently well for keeping cannabis growing incognito. ‘The cage’ technique can be adapted to a variety of different sized outdoor guerrilla marijuana patches, but today
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Hawaiian Grow Tips #1

Hawaiian grow tip #1: Introduction to a guerrilla pot growing secret that has been used for years by Hawaii ‘pakalolo’ growers to produce quality outdoor marijuana plants. Digging your hole – Guerrilla style Growing weed outdoors in an area dense with weeds or competing grass can be a challenge – especially in a tropical/sub-tropical area where the
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