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Top 11 Best Sativa Strains and Seeds for 2017 UPDATED

High-balling into the new year are 11 of the best sativa strains and seeds for marijuana cultivators and smokers – selected by quality, growth traits, scent, flavor and effects… With buds covered in frost providing an electric, clear-headed high, Bangi Haze is a sativa containing monster growth potential. Originating from a Congolese sativa and an Nepalese
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Go to Hawaii with $0 and Become a Successful Weed Grower

  Think it takes a big money to start growing marijuana in a tropical paradise? Well think again.   As a young, lazy stoner I arrived in Hawaii just as many other people have done before me, possessing but only a few dollars and coins to my name. Through some hard work and solid connections, this fellow went from having nearly nothing to
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Hawaiian Grow Tips #1

Hawaiian grow tip #1: Introduction to a guerrilla pot growing secret that has been used for years by Hawaii ‘pakalolo’ growers to produce quality outdoor marijuana plants. Digging your hole – Guerrilla style Growing weed outdoors in an area dense with weeds or competing grass can be a challenge – especially in a tropical/sub-tropical area where the
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