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 What to do next? 

Take a moment to look through our Grow Weed Blog and you’ll be able to read helpful and entertaining articles for bud lovers, whether you are a smoker, grower, or simply just getting to know the gracious herb.

1.) First off, make sure you are storing your precious buds correctly. I myself am notorious about keeping dank chronic in plastic sandwich baggies – a big NO. There’s no excuse – with portable pocket-size UV Glass stash jars, you can take your buds with you anywhere the wind blows. Read our guide on how to store your stash for prime freshness here.

2.) For all cultivators interested in organic growing:: Our article true living organics reevaluates what growing organically really means, and the special precautions that must be made to protect the fragile ecosystem of soil microlife. Learn about what needs to be kept out of soil in order to maintain a healthy microbiology, the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi in plant growth, and what suitable and non-suitable fertilizers can be used when growing ‘true living organics’.

3.) Leaf though our top rated list of sativa strains and seeds for 2017 here. Why sativa? Well, for those cannabis users who are looking for a clearheaded, energetic effect, free from the slow couch-lock confusion of many heavy indica strains, sativa strains are the only choice. Get sativa seeds online and grow your own (Seed Supreme Seed Bank Link) – expect to yield large plants that take up a lot of space. Sativas are more ‘unchained’ in general, and tend to flower longer, with bigger colas and larger stature. The functioning stoner’s choice!

4.) So you want to buy cannabis seeds online, huh? Nowadays buying seeds online is a breeze, and can be shipped around the world discreetly and safely – make sure to check your laws and regulations before purchasing. Take a gander at our guide to buying cannabis seeds online, and you will see the top trending seed strains of the year, including top best feminized seeds, top trending regular seeds, best indicas, sativas, and hybrid strains.

5.) Now when you are ready and able to start cultivating herb yourself, it’s time to look at our list of the three most common fails of growing marijuana outdoors. Many a grower has made these mistakes, and you should make certain you remember these so that you can grow stunningly glamorous top-shelf A-grade nuggets.

6.) Have you ever dealt with bud mold (aka botrytis)? Quite the reoccurring nightmare for many, Mold Resistant Strains (MRS) was formed by growers faced with the most extreme humidity climates for growing, having massive outbreaks of botrytis. Where we are in Hawaii – an area with roughly 126 inches of rainfall a year on parts of the island, growing quality outdoor buds is an extreme challenge for even well experienced cultivators. Through extensive trial-and-error in a big community of friends and family, the ideal cannabis genetics to use when growing in moist, foggy, rainy and humid conditions have shown themselves. Take a look at these selected mold resistant strains for wet climates, as well as our homepage for resilient outdoor strains with links to buy seeds online.

7.) Does growing herb in a fruit-filled tropical paradise sound exciting to you? Hawaii currently has a medical marijuana program, that allows qualified patients to grow in the state. For many, the idea of living self-sufficiently on a beautiful tropical island full of food and nice weather is very appealing. Read this compelling story about living and growing on island:: Go to Hawaii with $0 and Become a Successful Weed Grower

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