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For those looking for a unique, marketable and productive sativa, Lemon Thai Kush gracefully introduces the beauty of Southeast Asian cannabis genetics.

Lemon Thai Kush is Humboldt Seeds Organization’s version of the classic “Lemon Thai”, a mostly sativa cross between landrace Thai and Hawaiian strains. Well known for massive, thick colas that produce a twisted psychedelic high, this variety is a grenade for cash-croppers.

For the daily smoker who needs a boost of creative energy. Lemon Thai is an ideal cannabis strain for artists, and creative thinkers. You will not be bogged-down like a heavy indica stone with a potent sativa-dom strain.

Experience alert and readiness from a cannabis strain that grows super big. A true-winner for cultivators, patients and casual smokers alike.

Sativa cannabis, particularly the SE Asian variety has a reputation for being ‘psychedelic’…giving users a mushroom-like feeling. As describes one friend: “I was walking around the room, and kept forgetting what I was about to do next, but I knew it was going to be great…”.

Not for the fainthearted, cannabis buds from real-deal SE Asian sativa strains are known to induce paranoia from their intense high-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) content. THCV is predicted to be the source of the so-called psychedelic effects. SE Asian sativas are reported by users as providing an ‘energetic’ feeling, although ‘speedy‘ would be a more fitting term in my view.

Thai-Lao-Cambodian sativa marijuana strains effects create a visual, clear-headed high effect, without munchies or couchlock. Perfect for the heavy-thinker, hard-worker and artist.

lemontLemon Thai Kush; Asian Fever!

Lemon Thai Kush is a high-yielding strain, growing into a tree stature over its 10 week flowering cycle. The colas grow incredibly wide as you approach harvest. Easy for the beginner cannabis cultivator to grow a multi-pound plant with a bit of cannabis & agriculture research.

Outdoors or indoor, Humboldt’s Seed Organization’s feminized seed version of Lemon Thai is tamed down for the commercial grower, while still retaining its potency and classic high. Lemon Thai Kush’s massive large colas grow full of cannabinoids and terpenes – oily/powdery sharp high-THC resin, the pleasant exotic spice scent invades your nostrils.

Some Thai varieties are quite a challenge for indoor growers, stretching out to wild lengths and taking a lifetime to finish. Techniques such as topping, bending, tying, light deprivation and photoperiod manipulation are common-place with heavy Thai-dominant cannabis strains. The new hybrid Lemon Thai Kush answers to these massive growth issues, providing a more manageable compact structure along with a shortened flowering period.

Lemon Thai Kush holds up exceptional to mold problems, being at the top of its class for this. Outdoor growers know how devastating the dreaded blue/grey mold botrytis can be. Lemon Thai Kush is also resistant to powdery mildew. (Read: Powdery Mildew Organic Remidies)

Strains with SE Asian genetics tend to handle damage by rotting slowly, instead of being susceptible to mold. Compare this to some Afghani genetics that will quickly become infected with blue mold, spreading through the plant within mere hours. Lemon Thai Kush is extraordinarily mold resistant.

For tree growers: Lemon Thai Kush has monster growth potential, and it’s Thai sativa lineage can easily grow up to heights over 12 feet. Provide 18 hour+ lighting early on the season to get a head-start on the 10 weeks of flowering. If you are in a cold-climate you will have to start real early, in a heated-protected greenhouse, and you will have to induce flowering, before the natural season by means of photo-period manipulation, or force flowering. This means you will need a tall greenhouse that can be fully covered from light for a few hours of their day.

The buds of Thai and SE Asian hybrid strains have multiple flavors, but one distinct flavor can be found in all of them. Quite hard to describe – it is almost like a musty-mint like flavor. Combine that with pungent lemon stank and you have Lemon Thai Kush.

Lemon Thai Kush is recommended to all growers, indoor and outdoor, looking to try a Southeast Asian sativa that can be high-yielding, flavorful, and quicker finishing. The supreme high is one that you’ll never forget!

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