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Lemon Thai Kush (HSO) grow info, review, and links to buy seeds. For those looking for a unique, marketable, and productive sativa, Lemon Thai Kush is a great fast-flowering hybrid that runs on the heavier-budded side of Southeast Asian cannabis genetics.

Humboldt Seeds Lemon Thai Kush marijuana strain seeds
Humboldt Seeds Lemon Thai Kush

About Lemon Thai Kush

Lemon Thai Kush is HSO’s version of the classic “Lemon Thai”, a mostly sativa cross between landrace Thai and Hawaiian strains. Lemon Thai Kush grows massive, thick colas packed full of potent, psychedelic weed. The harvest weight is heavy, making this seed variety an ideal choice for cash croppers.

The plants grow typically sativa and tall, often reaching over other plants around it. The flowering time is fast for a sativa, ready to cut at 8 weeks of bloom. Lemon Thai Kush grows similar to the famous Super Silver Haze but finishes in less time. The buds are very high quality, large, and covered in trichomes.

Flowering Time 65–70 days
Pack Size 3/5/10/seeds
Yield Indoors: 350–500 gr/m2; Outdoors: 2–3 kg/plant
Mold Resistance Mold Resistance Rating: A

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Effects of Lemon Thai Kush

You may already know about the effects of Kush. Being one of the most popular varieties of medical cannabis, Kush is a hard-hitting indica known for its relaxing, narcotic, stoney, and dizzying effects.

Lemon Thai comes from Southeast Asian varieties of cannabis, known for their heady, upbeat, psychedelic effects. Many users describe the feeling as similar to magic mushrooms.

psychedelic sativa lemon thai kush

Lemon Thai Kush is a good strain with the best of both worlds—sativa and indica.

Oh really?
Not for the fainthearted, these cannabis buds are so potent they can induce paranoia, a trait common in Asian sativas. Their elevated THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) content make for a powerful high.

Combined with the brute force of the hard-hitting indica Kush, the hybrid Lemon Thai Kush strain offers a blend of psychoactive head and body highs.

Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Khmer, Malaysian, and Vietnamese sativa strains all contain similar heady sativa qualities. The visual, clear-headed, uplifting sativa effects are without the munchies or couchlock associated with indicas. However, Lemon Thai Kush may be too intense of a feeling for some.

Growing Lemon Thai Kush

Lemon Thai Kush marijuana plant flowering buds

Lemon Thai Kush is a high-yielding strain that grows into a tree formation over its 8-week flowering cycle. The colas get incredibly wide as you approach harvest. Some key features of this strain:

  • Easy to grow and productive (350-500 g/m2, big plants outdoors)
  • 16-20% THC content
  • Grows well indoors or outdoors.
  • Available as regular and feminized seeds.
  • Mostly sativa dominant phenos, with some indica dominance showing up
  • Harvest around September in the northern hemisphere

Lemon Thai Kush buds hold up exceptionally well to mold problems due to their humid climate zone genetics. Outdoor growers know how devastating the dreaded blue/grey mold Botrytis cinerea can be. Lemon Thai Kush is also resistant to powdery mildew. (If you’re struggling to fight powdery mildew, you can do it organically! Check this out—Powdery Mildew Organic Remedies)

Strains with Southeast Asian genetics tend to handle damage by rotting slowly instead of being susceptible to mold. Thus, Lemon Thai Kush is very mold resistant. Compare that to some Afghani genetics which will quickly become infected with blue mold, spreading through the plant within mere hours.

Go Big or Go Home
Lemon Thai Kush does great grown as a beaster weed tree. Provide 18-hour plus lighting early on in the season to get a head start on the 10 weeks of bloom. If you are in a cold climate, you may consider starting this strain indoors in a heated greenhouse.

In closing

Combine the desirable effects of Southeast Asian sativa with Kush’s strength and quick flowering, and you have an easy-to-grow, fast-flowering, 8-week plant that’s strong, productive, and potent.

This is an extremely fragrant strain with a strong head high matched to a fair amount of indica punch. Overall, the effects vary by phenotype.

Lemon Thai Kush is recommended to all growers—indoors, outdoors, and greenhouse—looking to try a Southeast Asian sativa. It’s high-yielding, flavorful, and quick to finish. The supreme high is one that you’ll never forget!

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