How to Deal with Wannabe Weed Gurus and Bud Pic Trolls

Wonka meme weed stoners

BEWARE OF WANNABE WEED GURUS AND BUD PIC TROLLS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Fake Weed Pics Exposed! Social media is going viral with fake, edited photographs of cannabis plants and buds. You can see these photos in memes with taglines like “What would you name this…”. They’re also used to promote scam websites. Take a close … Read more

Hawaii Grow Tips #2

Don't let this be your plants!

The Cage If you would prefer your guerrilla marijuana patches not to get busted, it is imperative that people can’t see them! A local Hawaiian method we call “the cage” works great for keeping cannabis growing incognito. The cage technique can be adapted to a variety of different sized outdoor guerrilla marijuana patches, but today … Read more

Hawaiian Grow Tips #1

maui wowie guerrilla cannabis patch

Hawaiian grow tip #1: Introduction to guerilla growing. Learn the secret method that’s been used for years by Hawaii’s pakalolo growers to produce quality outdoor marijuana plants. You can grow da crip kine pakalolo in the ground no matter how thick the bush is! Digging your hole – Guerrilla style First step is to find … Read more