Hawaii marijuana

Go to Hawaii with $0 and Become a Successful Weed Grower

  Think it takes a big money to start growing marijuana in a tropical paradise? Well think again.   As a young, lazy stoner I arrived in Hawaii just as many other people have done before me, possessing but only a few dollars and coins to my name. Through some hard work and solid connections, this fellow went from having nearly nothing to
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Growing Medical Marijuana in Hawaii

Have you ever thought of growing marijuana in a lush tropical paradise? What about living on a secluded farm, eating food you grow and get from the forest? Does taking a long, extended vacation from work sound appealing? Or maybe you just want to have fun at the beach while you and your buds are soaking up
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Hawaii Grow Tips #2

    The Cage If you would prefer your guerrilla marijuana patches not getting busted, it is imperative that people can’t see them! A local Hawaiian method dubbed ‘the cage’ works magnificently well for keeping cannabis growing incognito. ‘The cage’ technique can be adapted to a variety of different sized outdoor guerrilla marijuana patches, but today
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