Top 7 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights on Amazon 2018 Reviewed

LED grow lights are one of the best lighting options for cannabis growers of all kinds. You can provide high-intensity full spectrum light to weed plants, while using a fraction of the wattage that standard HID lights use.

The Best LED Grow Lights on Amazon

List ranked by popularity and sales.

Galaxyhydro LED Grow Plant Light 300wSetting the standard for high quality affordable LED grow lights, the Galaxyhydro 300W model is the current bestseller in it’s class on Amazon. Perfect for indoor and outdoor/greenhouse growers alike, this effective grow light’s low price tag stands out from the competition.

Equipped with durable 3w EpiLEDs that are high lumen and very bright. LED bulbs have a long lifespan for growing indoor/greenhouse plants, often running for years & years without a single blown bulb. The two cooling fans are built in, so that means you don’t have to worry about hot bulbs and how to deal with them. Just add some electricity and start growing.

This Galaxyhydro LED grow light comes specially made with additional UV(ultraviolet) & IR(infrared) led bulbs. Infrared light has been claimed by some to promote cell division and overall vigor, as well as talk of increase yields. UV light, when used correctly, has been nearly proven to increase the potency in certain medicinal herbs. Suitable for both vegetative and flowering growth – a full spectrum solution from seed to harvest.



VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED

If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice that there are two different switches on this grow light. One of the switches is for vegetative(early) plant growth and the other one is for a plant’s bloom, or flowering period. These switches adjust the light wavelength spectrum to the optimum frequencies for the current stages in a plant’s life.

Viparspectra compares this light to a 400W HPS/MH high intensity discharge light, while only consuming 200 watts of actual power. Full spectrum and balance of PAR/Lumen output. The company backs this LED grow light with a 3 year warranty plus a 30 day satisfaction or return guarantee.

You can buy one single light for a small grow area, or you can buy a few and chain them up together to make a super LED grow room. Equipped with cooling fans, so all you need is these lights to get growing!



TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

I know what you may be thinking now. Seriously, this little light bulb is really going to do anything? But hear this one out before you skip past it.

The world’s largest indoor farm in Japan produces over ten thousand lettuce heads per day using the same LED technology and light spectrum that this LED light bulb offers. The trick is to use a lot of them together, and that can be done easily considering that these little lights only pull 12W of power.

Whether it’s straight indoors, in the greenhouse, or even protected outdoors, there are a million innovations ready to be made with such amazing LED technology. You could effortlessly power tons of these lights with a simple solar energy system. No fan needed, as they run cool. Easily fits into a standard light bulb socket. Super cheap price.



King Plus 1000w Double Chips LED Grow Light

This powerful full spectrum LED grow light features new double-chip technology: 10W(2pcs 5w chips in every led), meaning that you get more bang for your buck energy wise, as this grow light only draws an amazing 185W of power – while being rated as providing as much light energy as a standard 1000W HID light.

Complete with red, blue, yellow white, ultraviolet and even infrared, the King Plus Double-Chip LED Grow Light is about as balanced of a full spectrum LED panel on the market. Along with the two fans built in, there are also small holes in the LED board to help keep this light cool. No additional fans needed for this high intensity light option.

These kind of lights work great for all kinds of growers. Super bright. The deep light penetration runs miles ahead of CFL lighting, getting into the plant canopy to help develop lower and inside branches & bud sites. The efficient power consumption and low price makes a serious grow light easily attainable for all.



Roleadro UFO 138W LED Grow Light

UFO lights were some of the first LED grow lights to hit the herb cultivator’s market years ago. Back then a model like this would cost around 400 dollars! Nowadays you can get them much cheaper – The Roleadro UFO 138W grow light is super inexpensive, and features 9 band full spectrum LEDs with ultraviolet and infrared light added.

This light stays cool and quiet. The built in fan doesn’t create much noise, and this small compact model is only 1.2 kilos. True power draw is about 55W. Another great low-energy consuming full spectrum LED grow light choice.

What these lights are really good for, like other smaller sized lights, is using a number of them in a room together. Of course you could use a single UFO light for a small grow operation, but why do that with the super low price and small power draw? Use one of these lights for 1 – 4 growing plants indoors. Greenhouse and outdoor/indoor cultivators can use these lights to vegetate massive plants, one per plant grown up 4 feet or higher before flowering will bring in the heavy yields.



Advanced Platinum 900w 12-band LED Grow Light

Albeit more expensive than the other models, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light tout platinum LED bulbs which claim to have the highest par/lumen output per watt. A bigger option for serious growers looking for a high-quality LED grow light.

The 12 band light spectrum provides a optimal wavelength balance for plants of all stages, combined with ultraviolet(UV) and infrared(IR) for additional growth perks. This wicked bright LED grow light features built-in 90 degree secondary focusing lenses, penetrating light deep within the plant canopy. True power draw is only 557 watts.

The VEG and BLOOM options switch between fine-tuned light color spectrums for the perfect blend of light from seed until harvest. Simply turn on the switch suited to your plant’s current growth state. A lot of indoor and outdoor/greenhouse growers are selling their HPS/MH HID lights for a more affordable long term option like this. Get explosive plant growth!



LVJING® New 150W Full Spectrum LED Plan Vertical Bar Corn Light

A newcomer on the market, vertical full spectrum LED grow light are definitely something worth experimenting with. Imagine the stacked harvests to be made by providing plants with high intensity light all the way down the plant.

Red, blue, white, UV and IR light means real deal full spectrum for this 150W model. Made of a durable aluminum shell. No built in fan, so you’ll have to use a fan in the grow room. Easy considering how inexpensive they are. Buy a few and combine them with an overhead full spectrum LED light for the ultimate penetration.

Set these inexpensive vertical tower LED light up in your grow room for a convenient way to get light into areas of the plant where it normally wouldn’t get to. Perfect for cultivators who want to have heavy inner bud and flower sites, as well as filled out lower branches.



Advantages of LED Grow Lights

There are numerous benefits of using LED Grow lights in your indoor grow room or even a protected outdoor enviornment like a greenhouse.

Simplicity is Cool

When you think of a standard indoor grow room, what do you imagine? A proper ventilation system with fans to cool hot running HID lights (which can get up to 400 – 500°F), using power ballasts, dealing with constant high electricity usage, and protecting the room from possible fire danger?

The beauty of LED grow lights is that they are as easy as plug & play for most situations. Simply plug in your cool-running full spectrum LED light, the best ones are complete with their own built in cooling system – fans. No additional cooling required. LED bulbs run significantly cooler that HID bulbs naturally, while still providing powerful adequate light for growing plants.

This means that you do not need to spend the money or effort into building a super deluxe indoor grow room in order to grow a healthy cannabis crop. Easy! Buy a light, crack some seeds and go.

Low Wattage + High Efficiency

Compared to HPS(high pressure sodium) and MH(metal halide) lights, LED grow lights run at a significantly lower wattage, while amazingly producing more available light-per-watt for plants to absorb and grow with.

This seriously changes the game for modern weed growers. Normally, top quality indoor marijuana was only possible with hot-running, heavy and expensive HID lights. Now growers can get a remarkable light intensity from a low wattage LED light, saving electricity and most importantly money.

For growers looking to use solar energy, LED lights run at a low enough wattage to make this economically possible. With a standard solar panel, 2 or more deep cycle marine batteries, and an inverter, you can run low wattage LED grow lights off of solar energy as I have done before. Very efficient, and a lot better than being dependent on gas generators. This solar LED grow light method works best for indoor/outdoor growers. i.e. someone who keeps their vegetative stage cannabis plants outside during the day, and brings them in to the grow room at night for extra light hours.

A big step up from fluorescent lights, LED lights have enough penetration to stack even the inside of cannabis plants dense with fat nuggets. Whether they’re in vegetative or flowering cycle, LED lights can do the whole job well done. The strong pink light emanated from these grow lights is strong and bright enough to give onlookers a dizzy feeling. Remember to wear eye protection!

Why is my 800W LED grow light only pulling 380W of power?
When a LED grow light is rated at a wattage, such as 400W, 800W, 1200W, ect. what it really means is that the light emitted is rated at the same amount of usable light energy as it’s HID (HPS/MH) 400W, 800W, 1200W, ect. equivalent. The true power draw is always lower, which is another energy-saving plus!

High Yields

Modern LED grow lights of today surpass the earlier models of years ago in available spectrum, durability and light strength.

Yields for indoor growers finishing cannabis under full spectrum LED lighting are roughly 1/2 gram per watt. When I say watt I mean the actual power draw, not the rated equivalent as explained above. The intense LED light penetrates deep into the plant canopy, putting shallow penetrating CFL lights

This ballpark 1/2 gram per watt figure takes into account that your grow room will follow the proper space guidelines of the grow light, and that the plants will be adequately provided sufficient growing medium, water, nutrients and care.

Note though that yields are variable from strain to strain. Picking a great cannabis strain is always an important step that should never be overlooked. Take a look at our top ranked best sativa and top ranked best indica strains for serious weed strains that will rock your world!

Full Spectrum & Light Wavelength Explained

Absorption of Light

When growing plants outdoors, the sun provides a plant’s pigment molecules with the full spectrum of light it needs to grow naturally. Now when you’re talking about artificial grow lights, these have to be made to provide plants with the spectra of light it needs to photosynthesize. This is the same spectrum that humans can visibly “see”, about 400 nm to 400 nm. Scientists refer to this range as photosynthetically-active radiation.

A plant absorbs blue light(400 nm – 500nm) and red light(620nm – 720nm) in the greatest concentrations. Illustrated below is a graph of the light spectrums that plants absorb the most and least of:

Red and Blue Light Wavelength Plant Absorption

Early versions of LED grow lights simply contained these red and blue colors. But with time and experimentation came the knowledge that adding a full spectrum of colors will benefit the plant in many ways. Now you have what is called “full spectrum” or “broad spectrum” LED grow lights.


Red Light vs. Blue Light

When designing full spectrum LED panels, manufacturers dial in on the color wavelengths that plants absorb the most of, while also providing other wavelengths for a balanced light exposure. Most importantly, red light and blue light.

A balanced full spectrum LED grow light will have not just one red and one blue color frequency, but a whole range of light available to plants. This provides plants will the wavelengths that they would expect from the natural sunlight.

Red (620nm – 720nm):

Red light in nature helps to promote normal growth and the flowering process, as it comes out most during the latter stages of summer, but is present year-round. Red color wavelength grow lights will certainly promote heavy budding and flowering, but this doesn’t mean that you should only use red light during that period.

Balanced with blue light, red light can be used during the whole course of a plant’s life – from seed to harvest. Red spectra light is an integral wavelength that plants need to grow healthy. Plants actually make the most amount of energy during photosynthesis from red light.

Don’t be fooled by the color you see – even MH(metal halide) lights which are don’t look very red provide a healthy amount of red light. Most LED grow lights provide a majority of red light.

Although plants can be grown with pure red light, too much sole red light will not help early vegetative growth. Blue light is also required in good quantity for happy plants!

Blue (400 nm – 500nm):

Blue light is so important that plants literally don’t know where to aim their leaves for light absorption without it.

Plants thrive in their early stages with sufficient levels of blue spectrum light. In the outdoors, blue light is most present during the spring and long-day summer, as plants are in this “vegetative” process of growth naturally – it’s easy to see how this all works together…

Without blue light, vegetating plants seem to stay small and stunted – resulting in short stems and a squat stature. Many LED grow light users even add blue light rich fluorescent lights into the grow room during a plants early stages to get an extra boost of blue light.

If you want tall and leafy plants, crank up the volume of blue light and you’ll get just that. Certain LED grow lights such as the UFO Supernova are designed with adjustable blue light and red light dials. However, I recommend just running them full blast for the whole growth cycle, unless you have special plant size and grow space goals. Too much blue light during flowering will result in stretchier buds, so if you see that, be sure to cut some blue and pump up more red light.


Ultraviolet(UV) Light

The good and the bad

Ultraviolet(UV) light consist of three main rays:

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC

UVA rays possess the long wavelengths compared to UVB, and UVC rays which have shorter wavelengths. In nature, plants are exposed to the sun and as a result, are exposed to the ultraviolet(UV) radiation that sunlight contains.

The bad: Ultraviolet radiation of all types can be harmful, to both plants and humans. Certain levels of UV radiation has been known to degrade different plant processes, including damage to DNA and damage to physiological processes. UV radiation can even be used to induce plant mutations. source

Although outdoor growers don’t need to worry about this, the only real danger of UV radiation to plants is from using artificial germicidal lamps to provide short wavelength(UVC) radiation to plants. Often damaging DNA.

The good: As humans absorb UV radiation whenever you go outside, we produce melanin to defend against the sun’s rays. The argument for UV light & cannabis is that cannabiniods, especially the favored Δ 9THC are produced to defend the marijuana plant against this radiation.

Outdoors, the sunlight at higher elevations contains more UV exposure. As a cannabis cultivator who has grown at many different locations in the tropics, I have noticed that higher elevation pot seems to produce more resin and is heavy in THC.

The old-timers in Hawaii always talk about how weed grown up the mountain gets super frosty and stony, although doesn’t yield as much as the low-elevation herb. There’s this book written in 1965 about the finest quality hash being obtained from plants at high altitudes.

In any case, ultraviolet light and cannabis is something worth experimenting with. Just don’t overdo it artificially. There are LED grow lights available that also produce UV radiation. Some folk swear that it’s beneficial to use short burst of UV light to increase the plant’s production of THC. Nearly all of the LED grow lights of this list feature dialed-in UV light bulbs standard.

Best LED Grow Light Shortlist

Galaxyhydro LED 300W$$VIEW PRICE ►
Viparspectra LED 450W$$$VIEW PRICE ►
Taotronics LED Bulb$VIEW PRICE ►
King Plus LED 1000W$$$VIEW PRICE ►
Roleadro UFO LED 138W$VIEW PRICE ►
Advanced Platinum LED 900W$$$$VIEW PRICE ►

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