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Below are the best top trending videos of massive cannabis monster plant trees! Just when you thought marijuana trees couldn’t get any bigger…


1.) Monster Weed Tree Garden – Keep watching for a big surprise!

Titled as WORLD RECORD POT PLANTS, this fellow sure has some magnificent giant weed plants in his garden. That’s a whole lot of chlorophyll to deal with at harvest. Don’t stop watching after you see the first plant!


2.) Insane weed tree Mendo Goliath garden – must see to believe!

Truly a never-ever land for most, this enchanting Mendo garden filled with massive budding marijuana beasts is sure to shock and excite viewers!


3.) Watch the time-lapse of a behemoth cannabis plant harvest!

When you’re harvesting true marijuana TREES, heavy-duty loppers, saws and a ladders are the tools you need to play.


4.) A green first year cannabis garden shows huge surprises!

This video truly goes to show that even the beginner marijuana grower can have high yeilds and beautiful harvests with the right research and study of cannabis.


5.) How to grow massive 5-10 pound cannabis plants video:

How a group of folk next to the Spanish Peaks in Colorado set up their monster pot trees.


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