What to Know About Buying Cannabis Seeds Online: Landrace, Hybrid & IBL

Are you thinking about buying cannabis seeds online? Here’s what you need to know first about the seeds you may be purchasing.

landrace, hybrid and IBL cannabis seeds

Seeds Selectively Bred to Win

Large-scale marijuana breeders can work with bigger plant numbers, setting a much greater stage for selective breeding.

All phenotypes of cannabis have contrasting traits, with many plants structuring and flowering differently than others. This is where large-scale breeding shows its advantages—growing hundreds and thousands of seedlings to choose from yields a more diverse expression of the capabilities in a cannabis variety.


Professional cannabis breeders hunt out and develop:

  • Extravagant flavors
  • Massive yields
  • Earlier finishing times
  • Full bud structure
  • Vigorous growth
  • Unique appearance
  • Mold and disease resistance
  • Resilience to pests
  • Uniform flowering
  • Bag appeal
  • Low leaf-to-bud ratio
  • Optimized THC/CBD levels
  • Medical usage
  • Desired effects
  • And more…

Selecting the absolute best male and female cannabis plants to make seeds with is done most effectively on a large scale, as the breeder has a greater selection to choose from.

Compare large-scale breeding with the small at-home cannabis breeder—who, because of limitations, is selecting from only a handful of offspring to breed with. A 10-pack of regular cannabis seeds is just a tidbit of a strain’s vast genetic capability. Even with the right practices, the small breeder is naturally constricted to a small genetic expression to work with.

If you are serious about getting premium quality results for your medical marijuana grow, trusted and reliable genetics should be at the foremost of the operation.

This does not mean that getting seeds from friends is always going to be bad. Hordes of home growers and breeders develop their own unique varieties adapted to their climates and perform successfully. If you are not dead set on having your marijuana plants come out as expected, locally bred varieties can prove to yield interesting results.

Tread with caution: as many cultivators have experienced, using poorly bred varieties of cannabis can lead to undesirable outcomes such as hermaphroditic tendencies, mutations, scattered harvest dates, lack of vigor, non-uniform plants, mold-pest-disease susceptibility, poor bud structure, unmarketable bag appeal, and disappointing yields.

For seed growers who demand that their ventures come out as desired, selecting reliable seeds is a must!

Regular and Feminized Seed Choices

What to Know About Buying Cannabis Seeds Online: Landrace, Hybrid & IBL

Cannabis is a dioecious species, meaning that it has distinct male and female individual plants for reproduction.


Regular Seeds

Sprouting regular seeds results in male and female cannabis plants, with female plants possessing fertile flowers (buds) and male plants developing pollen for fertilization. Regular cannabis seeds can be used for growing and breeding.

In Sensimilla (seedless bud) marijuana cultivation, the male plants are culled, leaving female plants to develop unfertilized.



Professional breeders start with regular seeds; most modern marijuana hybrids are the result of a basic list of original landrace cannabis strains such as:

Moroccan Hash Plant

There are various cannabis genetics from Asia, India, Africa, Central America, and the Himalayas.

Hybrids & IBLs

Hybrid cannabis strains (offspring with mixed genetics) were originally bred from landrace cannabis strains, evolving into unique and desirable varieties for the marijuana enthusiast.

Some hybrid strains have been stabilized through years of selective inbreeding—when sprouted, all of the seedlings grow relatively similar in growth and structure. These strains are known as an IBL (inbred line). Blueberry, Maui Wowie, Skunk#1, and Northern Lights are all examples of classic IBL strains.

Did you know?
Each generation, or filial generation, of hybrid offspring succeeding a parent cannabis variety is named F1, F2, F3, etc. subsequently.

Hybrid cannabis varieties have shown the world a plethora of flavors and unique traits that the species can express.

There are scores of popular marijuana hybrids available in regular seed form:

People often feel consciously at ease when using regular marijuana seeds. Regular seeds are the species’ product of natural reproduction and have been in place for all of cannabis’ history.

For more regular seed strains look at the Top 15 Best Regular Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are specially bred to produce only female marijuana plants when grown. This gives the cannabis cultivator exactly what they want—budding beauties.

Mating one female cannabis plant with another female cannabis plant results in offspring with only X chromosomes, in other words: only female plants.

Set-in-stone genetics::
Modern breeding practices utilize silver spraying (less commonly rodelization) techniques on identical female clones to create genetically uniform female cannabis seeds.

The use of feminized seeds has grown prevalent lately, as many medical/recreational cultivators are limited by the number of plants they can grow. Feminized seeds take the guesswork out of pot-growing—no need to spend precious time and energy on a sexually undeclared plant that could be male.

Feminized seeds have risen leaps and bounds from their initial hermaphrodite-ridden beginnings. Look for trusted seed companies and reputable breeders when selecting feminized marijuana seeds, and be rewarded with hermie-free chronic herb.

The vast majority of cannabis seeds available online are, in fact, feminized, as the high demand for these seeds commands suppliers to provide.

Chances are, one of your favorite marijuana strains is already in feminized seed form. Here are a few examples of bestselling feminized cannabis seeds:


For more feminized seed options check out the Top 15 Best Feminized Seeds

Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Safe?

Nowadays, fast and discreet worldwide shipping (USA, CA, AU, UK, EU, etc.) is offered by some of the best seed banks in the marijuana seed business.

Online seedbanks will offer the choice of shipping seeds in their original breeder packs or taken out and repackaged into generic baggies.

The top cannabis seedbanks also offer stealth shipping—marijuana seeds are discreetly packed into a gift item for extra stealth and security.

Seed Purchasing Reminder
Most cannabis seedbanks are located overseas. Using prepaid temporary debit cards for international purchases might not work.

When ordering seeds online, make certain that the website uses a secure checkout with a valid SSL certificate (shown below). This encrypts your sensitive private information, protecting it from hackers and cyber-theft.

Use only secure cannabis seedbank websites

Where to buy seeds online?

Seedsman is a great choice for a wide selection and worldwide delivery, including the USA.

Link to Buy Cannabis Seeds at Seedsman


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Disclaimer: Know your country and state laws before purchasing seeds online. We do not promote breaking the law or any illegal activity.

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