Drying Cannabis Mold Free Off-Grid and Low Energy

Make a dry room ~ Almost any seasoned marijuana grower has dealt with bud rot, or grey mold (botrytis). Preventing bud rot while drying cannabis can be an arduous challenge for pot growers lacking the ideal environment and amenities, but with a few at-home tricks you can reap a ravishing, mold-free harvest anywhere you happen to be. What causes moldy buds? Poor air
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Go to Hawaii with $0 and Become a Successful Weed Grower

  Think it takes a big money to start growing marijuana in a tropical paradise? Well think again.   As a young, lazy stoner I arrived in Hawaii just as many other people have done before me, possessing but only a few dollars and coins to my name. Through some hard work and solid connections, this fellow went from having nearly nothing to
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