Top 25 Best Grow Tents 2019

Best Grow Tents for Cannabis 2019 iPower 96x48x78 Grow Tent – #1 Bestselling 2019 Overview: The #1 Bestselling Grow Tent of 2019 for cannabis growing, iPower’s 96x48x78 (4’x8′) Grow Tent has enough room to fit a small indoor garden of plants. This budget-range grow tent is made using tear-resistant, double-stitched 95% reflective, 99% light-proof mylar … Read more

Best Low-Price Bud Trimmer Machines For Sale


The most effective bud trimmer machines on a cheap budget. Bowl trimmers, handheld electrics, tumbler machines plus Centurion Pro and Twister’s newest entry-level professional bud trimming machines, all for sale at low prices. Cheap Bowl Bud Trimmer Machines iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer Overview: The iPower leaf bowl trimmer is a good non-electric bud trimming machine, … Read more

DIY How to Make Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculant

For a few dollars you can make $40,000 worth (100 million propagules) of mycorrhizal fungi inoculant by doing it yourself. No scientific equipment needed. Read on to learn about mycorrhizal fungi or skip to instructions What is Mycorrhizal Fungi? Short answer: Mycorrhizal fungi is a naturally-occurring beneficial soil organism that forms a symbiotic relationship with … Read more