Top 15 Best Autoflowering Seeds 2024

Top 15 Best Autoflower Marijuana Strains Seeds List

Best autoflower strains 2024—the best autoflowering marijuana seeds to buy and grow. Top best-selling auto strains list. The definitive autoflower seeds buyers guide.

Autoflower seeds grow into cannabis plants that flower regardless of light cycle, taking less time to mature than standard photoperiod cannabis varieties.

You can grow top-quality autoflower crops by purchasing the best auto seeds online.

Each autoflower strain listed below is for sale as feminized seeds with guaranteed fast delivery to all fifty states of the US.

Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds

Northern Lights Auto Seeds, best-selling autoflower weed strain

Northern Lights Auto is a potent and best-selling indica-dominant autoflower strain, descended from the legendary Northern Lights and a hardy ruderalis. It grows with resilience, adaptability, and notable THC levels, producing generous yields in a variety of climates. This Seedsman strain completes its cycle in a brisk 10 to 12 weeks from seed, with mature plants featuring a tapestry of green, blue, or purple hues, all wrapped in a thick coat of trichomes. Exuding sweet, earthy, and slightly tart aromas, Northern Lights Auto delivers a serene and deeply soothing high with 23% THC content.

Flowering Time 10–12 weeks from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Height 31–59 inches
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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Double Grape Autoflowering Seeds

Double Grape Autoflowering Seeds, popular Mephisto Genetics auto strain

Auto Double Grape is an autoflowering Mephisto Genetics strain enriched through selective breeding, resulting in a plant clad with abundant trichomes and packed with flavor and potency. This 60% indica and 40% sativa hybrid combines Sour Stomper and Grape Crinkle genetics, boasting a bushy open structure that responds well to low-stress training (LST). With a manageable size, Auto Double Grape can yield up to 90–120 g/plant, or up to 500 g/m2 when grown optimally indoors. It features a swift life cycle of 65–70 days and terpenes bursting with grape flavors, offering an invigorating buzz that melts into a relaxing stone. With THC levels tested at 21.78%, this strain is also valued for its medicinal benefits, including pain relief and appetite stimulation.

Flowering Time 65–70 days from seed
Brand Mephisto Genetics
Pack Size 3 seeds
Height 22–31 inches
Yield 90–120 g/plant

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Strawberry Cheesecake Autoflowering Seeds

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Seeds, best-selling autoflower marijuana strain

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto is a tasty and productive indica-dominant hybrid marrying Strawberry Banana Auto and Cheese Auto, forming a medium-sized, branching autoflower perfect for extract lovers. Its short stature ushers in a bounty of resinous, dense buds that exude a sweet skunky aroma, catering to a discerning palate. Yields are impressive, with indoor grows producing around 500 g/m2, while outdoor plants can muster up to 600 grams each in ideal, dry conditions, combatting its sensitivity to mold. With a moderate 15% THC content, this strain offers a blend of physical ease and cerebral excitement, ideal for daytime indulgence that doesn’t hinder productivity.

Flowering Time 12–13 weeks from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Height 55–69 inches
Yield 500 g/m2

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Critical Orange Punch Autoflowering Seeds

Critical Orange Punch Auto Seeds, one of the best yielding autoflower weed strains

Critical Orange Punch Auto is a top-selling Dutch Passion strain, revered for its bountiful yields and citrus-like terpenes. This autoflowering variety adapts well to diverse growing environments and does not require complex techniques, thriving indoors across the board. It reaches full maturation in a quick 10–11 weeks from seed, flaunting enormous colas and heavy, resin-coated buds with a tantalizing aroma of oranges kissed with earthy pine notes. Critical Orange Punch Auto elicits a long-lasting euphoria with THC levels between 15–20%, serving as an attractive option for those seeking ease of growth, sweet flavors, and potent effects.

Flowering Time 10–11 weeks from seed
Brand Dutch Passion
Pack Size 1/3/7 seeds
Height 28–39 inches
Yield 600+ g/m2

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Zkittlez Autoflowering Seeds

Zkittlez Auto strain exotic cookies hybrid

Zkittlez Auto, one of the most flavorful autoflowers on the market, combines the exotic weed strain Zkittlez with the sweetness of Fruit Kush Auto, delivering a robust and fruity autoflowering cultivar. This lively plant flourishes rapidly, rewarding growers with heavy yields when given ample water and nutrients. In about 90 days from seed, Zkittlez Auto reaches harvest, showcasing buds that exude a sugary sweet aroma and tantalizing candy-like taste. Its balanced effects offer a harmony of cerebral and relaxing sensations, boasting a 21–24% THC content. While ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups, the strain’s robust scent necessitates diligent odor control for discreet cultivation.

Flowering Time 90 days from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Height 31–47 inches
Yield 400–500 g/m2

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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Auto cannabis strain, the original cookies autoflower genetics

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto is a popular ILGM strain that excels in yield, flavor, and potency. These short and bushy plants are perfect for beginner growers because they can be grown basically anywhere with minimal upkeep. Plus, they resist mold, pests, and frost quite well. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto is ready to harvest after ten to fourteen weeks of growth, producing high yields up to 15 ounces per plant. Its rock-hard buds have the famous minty chocolate cookies smell and taste. With up to 21% THC, the strong effects of Girl Scout Cookies Auto are felt both mentally and physically.

Flowering Time 10–14 weeks from seed
Brand ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Height Small
Yield 5–15 oz/plant

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Amnesia Autoflowering Seeds

Amnesia Autoflowering Seeds, powerfully potent sativa auto strain

Amnesia Auto stands tall as a sativa-dominant powerhouse, infusing one of the best sativa strains ever—Amnesia Haze—with swift ruderalis genetics to spawn a vigorously psychoactive cannabis strain. This autoflowering plant reaches full bloom within 12 weeks from seedling to harvest, mirroring the traditional Amnesia’s Christmas tree silhouette and flaunting branches laden with frosty buds. With yields reaching up to a substantial 110 grams per plant, Amnesia Auto presents a bountiful harvest. The strain’s terpene profile blends earthy notes with a sharp Haze tang, leading to a pronounced, cerebral high that propels users on an unforgettable, mind-expanding odyssey.

Flowering Time 10–12 weeks from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Height Medium
Yield Up to 110 g/plant

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Purple Punch Autoflowering Seeds

Purple Punch Auto Seeds, best-selling purple autoflower weed strain

Purple Punch Auto is an in-demand Barney’s Farm strain, combining the much-loved Purple Punch with their Critical Auto to create an indica-dominant, autoflowering marvel. This resilient, fast-flowering strain is a grower’s delight, growing in just 50–60 days from seed and easily adapting to both indoor and outdoor setups, with plants staying compact at under three feet. Its bud-laden branches result in a moderate yet rewarding yield—up to 350 g/m2 indoors and 400 g/plant outdoors. Connoisseurs will relish the sweet, bakery-inspired essence of apple pie seasoned with cloves, all wrapped up in dense, resin-coated buds. With THC levels at 18%, Purple Punch Auto induces a joyful state, coupled with relaxation, perfect for unwinding.

Flowering Time 50–60 days from seed
Brand Barney’s Farm
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Height 32 inches
Yield 350 g/m2

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Gelat.OG Autoflowering Seeds

Gelat.OG Auto Seeds, exotic hybrid autoflower strain from award-winning genetics

Gelat.OG Auto is a cross of two highly regarded American strains of cannabis—Gelato and OG Kush Auto. The Gelato parent brings high potency and dessert-like terpene profiles, while the OG Kush Auto contributes autoflowering genetics and smaller plant size. Gelat.OG Auto seeds grow into squat plants with compact structures that take approximately eighty days to finish. Some plants may develop purple colors. The buds have great density and resin content. Gelat.OG Auto cannabis delivers euphoric highs that progress to calming sensations. Up to 25% THC.

Flowering Time 80 days from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Height 24–47 inches
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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Gorilla Cookies Autoflowering Seeds

Gorilla Cookies Autoflowering Seeds, extremely potent high-THC auto strain

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a powerful Fast Buds strain, boasting an immense 28.5% THC level—making it one of the most potent autos to date. This strain yields an impressive 650 g/m2 within a short 10-week cycle, producing dense, golf ball-sized buds that become generously coated in trichomes. Ideal for both novice cultivators and commercial producers due to its resilience and hefty production, Gorilla Cookies Auto is especially appealing for its high resin output, perfect for extractions. With a robust plant stature reaching up to five feet, it offers a balanced hybrid experience—a heady rush and stoney body high—with a complex taste profile of kush, earthy mint, and sweet cookies.

Flowering Time 10 weeks from seed
Brand Fast Buds
Pack Size 1–50 seeds
Height 39–60 inches
Yield 500–600 g/m2

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White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow Autoflowering Seeds, trichome-rich legendary cannabis strain

White Widow Auto is an autoflowering version of the world-famous White Widow cannabis strain. These seeds are always among the most popular autoflowers sold at leading marijuana seed banks. White Widow Auto plants perform well in practically any cultivation setup indoors or outdoors and yield impressively. The buds are nearly white with trichomes, with pungent yet sweet aromas, and retain the classic White Widow flavor profiles. Its high delivers a boost of energy backed by 15–20% THC content.

Flowering Time 11 weeks from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Height 20–47 inches
Yield Up to 125 g/plant

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Dark Devil Autoflowering Seeds

Dark Devil Auto seeds, best purple autoflower weed strain

Dark Devil Auto, a best-selling autoflowering strain by Sweet Seeds, stands out with its almost black-hued buds, a trait derived from its Pakistani Chitral Kush lineage. This vigorous plant showcases a robust structure, hosting a strong central stem and numerous side branches that culminate in a large dominant cola. Within a swift 8–9 weeks from germination, it’s ready for harvest, boasting impressive indoor yields ranging from 400 to 600 g/m2 and an outdoor yield of 50–200 g/plant. The dense buds give off a sweet, fruity citrus aroma with touches of incense and deliver a comforting, psychoactive experience with 15–20% THC.

Flowering Time 8½ weeks from seed
Brand Sweet Seeds
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Height 31–51 inches
Yield 400–600 g/m2

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Green Crack Autoflowering Seeds

Green Crack Autoflowering Seeds, strong and energetic auto weed strain

Green Crack Auto seeds give rise to a swift and abundant sativa-leaning autoflower that merges the esteemed Green Crack with robust ruderalis genetics. Suitable for beginner growers and savored by cannabis aficionados alike, this strain boasts a fast life cycle of 8–9 weeks from seedling to harvest. Compact in stature, the plants hover between 2–3 feet, ideal for indoor Sea of Green setups or stealthy outdoor growth. The buds, thickly studded with resin and sporting vivid orange pistils, hint at the strain’s generous harvest potential and suitability for creating potent extracts. With tropical mango flavors and an invigorating high from roughly 20% THC, Green Crack Auto serves as an excellent daytime companion for creative minds.

Flowering Time 8–9 weeks from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Height 24–35 inches
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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Fog Dog Autoflowering Seeds

Fog Dog Autoflowering Seeds, flavorful and resilient auto strain

Fog Dog Auto seeds come from a superior batch of Atlas Seed’s most recent production run, promising robust growth and abundant yields. This strain is fruit and sugar-oriented with a subtle fuel undertone, packing top-shelf bag appeal. It matures rapidly outdoors, with a tight 65–70 day window to harvest, and is ideal for dense planting. Exhibiting Cotton Candy and Gravenstein lineage, Fog Dog Auto plants reach about 39 inches, with many phenotypes showcasing a captivating purple hue as they mature. With THC levels ranging from 16–26%, and a sweet, sugary, and slightly fuel-like terpene profile, this indica-dominant auto is designed for peak flavor, potency, and resilience.

Flowering Time 65 days from seed
Brand Atlas Seed
Pack Size 5 seeds
Height 39 inches
Yield 70–100 g/plant

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Pink Kush CBD 30:1 Autoflowering Seeds

Pink Kush CBD 30:1 Autoflowering Seeds, pink and purple colored high-CBD medical strain

Pink Kush CBD 30:1 Auto is a predominantly indica, high-CBD strain crafted for those who prefer high CBD content with minimal THC. This aesthetically pleasing autoflowering variety emerges from a blend of Pink Kush Auto CBD and Pink Afghan Auto CBD, presenting a vivid pink hue. Reaching harvest in just 9 weeks from sowing, the plants offer a bountiful yield with a complex aroma of coniferous woodlands, damp earth, and subtle red fruit undertones. The resultant cannabis induces a mild, comforting body effect without any psychoactivity due to its substantial 17% CBD level and approximately 0.5% THC, ensuring a CBD to THC ratio of at least 30:1.

Flowering Time 9 weeks from seed
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Height Under 39 inches
Yield 350–450 g/m2

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