20 Best Weed Strains 2024: Genetics Guide

Top 20 Best Weed Strains 2024: Genetics Guide
Explore 2024’s best weed strains with this genetics guide, featuring 20 in-demand strains from 20 leading breeders and seed banks in the USA.

2024 is the year to elevate your cannabis garden with premium genetics. This top-20 list includes both new releases and classic favorites offering incredible terpenes, impressive THC levels, massive yields, and more.

You can cultivate each of these strains at home or elsewhere by purchasing and growing the seeds. Ensure you grow only the best weed in 2024 by choosing top-tier genetics from trusted breeders.

Every weed strain in this guide is available for purchase in feminized or autoflowering seed form, with quick and discreet in-country (USA) and worldwide shipping.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake weed strain

Ice Cream Cake, a new weed strain from Barneys Farm, is an indulgent mix of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. This indica-dominant hybrid boasts a sweet, creamy aroma with hints of vanilla and earthy pine, courtesy of its rich terpene profile including limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. It’s a grower’s delight, maturing in just 55–60 days with an impressive indoor yield of 550 g/m2 and up to 1.5kg outdoors. Ice Cream Cake’s THC content of 20-25% ensures a potent experience, while its therapeutic qualities offer relaxation and pain relief. This strain’s alluring blend of flavor and effects makes it a top choice for 2024.

Flowering Time 55–65 days
Brand Barneys Farm
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Up to 600 g/m2

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Gazzurple weed strain

Gazzurple, from Humboldt Seed Company, is a sativa-dominant hybrid with indica-like dense, purple buds blanketed in frosty trichomes, boasting an exceptionally high THC content of 28–33%. This three-way cross of Gazzurple Bx2, Poddy Mouth, and Macaroon matures swiftly, resembling grape bunches in frost due to its striking trichomes. The weed emanates a strong diesel scent with sweet and tart undertones, and its flavor profile includes diesel, berries, and cream. Ideal for experienced users, Gazzurple delivers a potent, energizing, and psychedelic experience. Its flowering period indoors is 50–60 days, with outdoor harvests ready between September 20th and October 5th.

Flowering Time 50–60 days
Brand Humboldt Seed Co.
Pack Size 5 seeds
Yield Medium

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Mac #1 Auto

Mac #1 Auto weed strain

Mac #1 Auto, a new autoflowering hybrid from Dutch Passion, merges the high THC and resin-rich qualities of MAC #1 (Miracle Alien Cookies) with Think Different Auto, promising XL yields of potent weed. This strain excels in producing frosty buds, making it an ideal choice for extractions, especially hashish. The plants boast a hybrid structure, yet retain the compact size and bud density typical of indicas. The growth cycle is efficient, spanning only 10 to 12 weeks from germination to harvest. Mac #1 Auto offers an impressive THC content exceeding 20%, ensuring a potent experience for users.

Flowering Time 10–12 weeks from seed
Brand Dutch Passion
Pack Size 1/3/7 seeds
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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The Scrooge

The Scrooge weed strain

The Scrooge by Compound Genetics, a strain named paradoxically for its lavish THC production, is a striking combination of Gastro Pop #5 and The Menthol. This variety stands out with its vividly colored trichomes and robust yields, bearing extreme THC levels that can surpass 30%. These potent characteristics make it a top choice for enthusiasts but may be overwhelming for novices. Indoors, The Scrooge matures in 8 to 9 weeks, featuring a unique blend of tall stature and compact internodal spacing. Its terpene profile is dominantly gassy, complemented by sweet, creamy, and Runtz nuances, adding to its allure as a must-grow cannabis strain in 2024.

Flowering Time 8–9 weeks
Brand Compound Genetics
Pack Size 3/7 seeds
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter weed strain

Apple Fritter, a new ILGM strain, offers inviting apple and sweet dessert-like flavors, reminiscent of its namesake. This balanced blend of 50% indica and 50% sativa results from crossing Sour Apple with Animal Cookies. Apple Fritter grows to an average height, flourishing best in warm and sunny climates. It blooms in 8–10 weeks, producing yields of 12 to 16 ounces per plant. Notably strong, it packs high THC levels up to 32%, delivering a creative and euphoric experience, yet deeply relaxing. This strain, ideal for daytime use, captivates with a complex aroma profile featuring earthy, berry, and spicy notes, complemented by a caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile.

Flowering Time 9–10 weeks
Brand ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 12–16 oz/plant

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Tropicana Cookies Auto

Tropicana Cookies Auto weed strain

Tropicana Cookies Auto, crowned the 2023 Autoflower World Cup Champion, is a standout Fast Buds strain boasting a formidable 27% THC content. This indica variety is an autoflowering marvel, flourishing both indoors and outdoors, ideal for growers of all experience levels. Its rapid growth cycle yields up to 500 g/m2 within just 56–63 days. Tropicana Cookies Auto dazzles with dark purple buds, exuding a fresh citrus aroma with candy-sweet undertones. The high is intensely uplifting and long-lasting, perfect for starting the day positively or unwinding in the evening. This strain is not only a visual delight but also a top pick for hash makers, thanks to its trichome-rich flowers.

Flowering Time 8–9 weeks from seed
Brand Fast Buds
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Yield 400–500 g/m2

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Whale Breath

Whale Breath weed strain

Whale Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid by Atlas Seed, bred from Apples & Bananas and Mendo Breath, packing effective THC levels of 20-28%. This strain is a dream for beginners, flourishing easily to a moderate height of three feet, with dense, resin-rich buds. It thrives both indoors and outdoors, with indoor yields up to 500 g/m2 and outdoor yields reaching 650 g/plant. Whale Breath’s flavor profile is a complex mix of ripe bananas, sour apples, vanilla, and a hint of diesel, complemented by a spicy, peppery scent. Its effects are profoundly relaxing, ideal for easing stress, anxiety, and pain, offering a tranquil escape with just a hint of caution for its potent THC content.

Flowering Time 9–10 weeks
Brand Atlas Seed
Pack Size 5 + 2 seeds
Yield 500 g/m2

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Bubble Gum Sherb

Bubble Gum Sherb weed strain

Bubble Gum Sherb, an in-demand hybrid born from Bubble Gum and Sunset Sherbet, boasts a rich blend of berry, sweet, and earthy flavors. With a THC range of 30 to 32%, it delivers a high that’s both uplifting and deeply relaxing—a potent and balanced experience. Its dense buds are adorned with a frosty coating of trichomes, hinting at its potency and quality. Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing, Bubble Gum Sherb flowers in 8 to 10 weeks, yielding productive crops. Its terpene profile, featuring caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, contributes to its distinctive flavor and potential therapeutic benefits, further enhancing its appeal in the 2024 cannabis market.

Flowering Time 8–10 weeks
Brand Blimburn Seeds
Pack Size 1–100 seeds
Yield 450–550 g/m2

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Red Mimosa XL Auto

Red Mimosa XL Auto weed strain

Red Mimosa XL Auto by Sweet Seeds is an indica-dominant, autoflowering cannabis strain notable for its fast maturation and high yield, making it a standout choice for 2024. This strain, bred from Sweet Mimosa XL Auto and Red Strawberry Banana Auto, displays brilliant red and purple hues in about 85% of plants. Red Mimosa XL Auto produces dense, resin-packed buds, with indoor yields at 450–550 g/m2, and 50–160 g/plant outdoors. Its buds exude a sweet, fruity aroma reminiscent of oranges, and taste like citrus and spices with nutty undertones. With a THC content between 16–25%, this strain offers an invigorating yet chill high.

Flowering Time 8 weeks from seed
Brand Sweet Seeds
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Yield 450–550 g/m2

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Biscotti weed strain

Biscotti, a new indica-dominant hybrid from Royal Queen Seeds, offers sweet and nutty flavors akin to Tuscan biscuits. Bred from Gelato 25 and Triangle Kush, this strain contains up to 25% THC, delivering a potent, uplifting, and creative high. Indoor growth results in a manageable height of 3–4 feet, yielding 450–550 g/m2 within 8–10 weeks. Outdoor crops reach taller, ready for harvest in October with each plant producing 550–650 grams. Notably bushy with a dense canopy, Biscotti benefits from defoliation for optimal light penetration. It’s a superb choice for cultivators in 2024.

Flowering Time 8–10 weeks
Brand Royal Queen Seeds
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Yield 450–550 g/m2

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Holy Grail Kush

Holy Grail Kush weed strain

Holy Grail Kush, bred by DNA Genetics, is a prestigious blend of Kosher Kush and The OG #18. This strain flowers in 9 weeks and yields a robust 500–650 g/m2. Known for its large, resinous buds that emit a potent OG/Kosher aroma, Holy Grail Kush is highly recommended to grow with carbon filters due to its overpowering smell. It’s an ideal choice for both novice and expert growers, with the latter able to push its nutrient uptake to the limits for extraordinary aromatic plants. Not only does it produce remarkable yields, but its quality and aroma also earned it the highest accolades, including a perfect score at the High Times Cannabis Cup, making it a top contender in the market.

Flowering Time 9 weeks
Brand DNA Genetics
Pack Size 6 seeds
Yield 500–650 g/m2

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Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 Auto

Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 Auto weed strain

Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 Auto, created by Night Owl Seeds, showcases its heritage from the Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Skywalker Auto with its distinct characteristics. This strain flourishes into short, stocky plants featuring large leaves and dense, resin-rich flowers, highlighting a unique terpene profile of dank, dark, earthy notes with a hint of mint. Ideal for growers of all levels, it completes its growth cycle in 75 to 85 days, yielding up to 4 ounces per plant. Noted for its potent, physically relaxing effects, Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 Auto culminates in a couchlock sensation. It’s a perfect autoflower for cultivation in 2024.

Flowering Time 75–85 days from seed
Brand Night Owl Seeds
Pack Size 3 seeds
Yield 4 oz/plant

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Duct Tape

Duct Tape weed strain

Duct Tape, new from Homegrown Cannabis Co., is an exemplary choice for both beginner and experienced growers in 2024. This balanced 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid, a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Do-Si-Dos, boasts a potent THC level of 22–25%. Its compact growth, reaching up to four feet, is ideal for limited spaces, yielding about 10 ounces per plant or per square meter. Duct Tape’s sticky buds, exuding diesel and chocolate flavors, offer a unique blend of relaxation and creativity, perfect for evening use. This strain not only pleases the senses but also provides potential medical benefits, serving as a well-rounded and attractive option for a diverse range of weed enthusiasts.

Flowering Time 9–10 weeks
Brand Homegrown
Pack Size 4/8/12/24 seeds
Yield 10 oz/plant

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Super Malawi Haze

Super Malawi Haze weed strain

Super Malawi Haze by Ace Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid, blending early 90’s Nevil’s Haze with Malawi Killer, resulting in a 90% sativa with formidable growth and productivity. This super-hybrid packs enormous, resinous colas, a rewarding flower-to-leaf ratio, and high THC levels between 23 to 28%. The plant’s terpene profile offers a rich blend of sweet, floral, incensed, and woody aromas, with a deep, resinous Malawi undertone. It excels in indoor cultivation due to its adaptability and shorter flowering time compared to its counterparts. Super Malawi Haze is ideal for both SOG and SCROG methods, thriving in tropical, subtropical, and warm coastal climates.

Flowering Time 11–16 weeks
Brand Ace Seeds
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Yield High

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Double Grape Auto

Double Grape Auto weed strain

Double Grape by Mephisto Genetics, a cross of Sour Stomper and Grape Crinkle, is a standout addition to any 2024 cannabis grower’s collection. This autoflowering, indica-leaning hybrid matures in just 65–70 days. Easy to grow and adaptable, Double Grape reaches up to 32 inches in height and yields 90–140 g/plant. Its aroma and flavor profile is akin to sweet and sour grapes, with a potent effect that varies from stimulating to sedative based on tolerance and consumption. Notably, it holds an impressive 31.8% THC, contributing to its high efficiency in pain relief and appetite stimulation, serving both recreational and medicinal use-cases.

Flowering Time 65–70 days from seed
Brand Mephisto Genetics
Pack Size 3 seeds
Yield 3–5 oz/plant

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Sweet Cherry Kush

Sweet Cherry Kush weed strain

Sweet Cherry Kush, the latest indica hybrid from Sensi Seeds, offers rewarding yields and a special terpene profile. This cross of Durban, Hindu Kush, and OG Kush genetics is a genetic marvel. Growing up to around 4 feet indoors and 6 feet outdoors, its cultivation flexibility includes SoG and SCRoG techniques. The plants produce dense, trichome-rich buds with a complex aroma of cherries, pine, and undertones of sandalwood and citrus. The high is uplifting and creative, evolving into a serene, weightless experience.

Flowering Time 55–60 days
Brand Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 5 seeds
Yield 500–550 g/m2

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Banana Jealousy

Banana Jealousy weed strain

Banana Jealousy is a new Seedsman strain that offers rewarding yields from easy-to-grow plants. A three-way hybrid of Banana Cream, Jealousy, and Gelato 41 genetics, this strain stands out for its abundant resin production and fruity terpene profile. These resilient plants thrive in various environments, reaching impressive heights, especially outdoors where they can surpass 6½ feet. Indoors, the flowering phase lasts 8-10 weeks, yielding between 450–600 g/m2, while outdoor plants in optimal conditions can produce up to 750 grams each. With THC levels up to 28%, Banana Jealousy promises potency and quality.

Flowering Time 8–10 weeks
Brand Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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Glu CBD Auto

Glu CBD Auto weed strain

Glu CBD Auto, from Trilogene Seeds, is a purple-colored cannabis hybrid with a high CBD:THC ratio of 30:1. This autoflowering strain results from crossing Alpha Auto with Purple Thai. Its compact size and quick 80-day flowering cycle make it ideal for indoor and warm climate cultivation. The strain produces dense, dark purple buds and is resistant to mold. With a unique taste of sweet, fermented grapes and an earthy aroma, it offers therapeutic benefits like stress relief without strong psychoactive effects, perfect for medical cannabis users.

Flowering Time 80 days from seed
Brand Trilogene Seeds
Pack Size 5 seeds
Yield 85–170 g/plant

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Persian Pie

Persian Pie weed strain

Persian Pie by Green House Seed Co. is an indica-dominant cross of Lemon Tree and Banana Krumble, offering high yields, rich terpenes, and potent THC levels up to 27%. Easy to cultivate, these plants reach up to 6 feet indoors and over 11 feet outdoors, producing dense, resinous buds with sweet banana and acidic lemon aromas. The effects start with a cerebral hit, evolving into a relaxing body high. Ideal for novices and connoisseurs, it’s a top pick for 2024.

Flowering Time 8–9 weeks
Brand Green House Seed Co.
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Yield High

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Purple Afghan Kush

Purple Afghan Kush weed strain

Purple Afghan Kush, bred by Green Bodhi, is a notable indica/sativa hybrid combining Purple Hindu Kush and Afghani #1. This regular seed strain grows both male and female plants and boasts high THC production potential. Reaching heights over 6½ feet, it’s best grown indoors, flourishing in 8–10 weeks and yielding 450–600 g/m2. Its dense buds exude a strong aroma of orange citrus, accented with fuel and earthy Kush notes. Purple Afghan Kush is a great choice for breeders and growers alike in 2024.

Flowering Time 8–10 weeks
Brand Green Bodhi
Pack Size 11 seeds
Yield 450–600 g/m2

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