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Aloha and welcome to Mold Resistant Strains, a collection of marijuana strain reviews, weed growing advice, and other original cannabis related information.
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Catered towards outdoor guerrilla growers. Great stuff from pakalolo growers on the Big Island of Hawaii. Decades of knowledge. Haole boys and locals. You’re going to feel immersed in the cannabis seed strain breeding lifestyle quickly and fall in love with it.

Hawaii’s sub-tropical climate is a breeding ground for moldy buds. We deal with constant non-stop rain and high-humidity during certain times. Not the ideal flowering conditions for growing pakalolo outdoors. Every year some come to Hawaii thinking they’re going to grow the biggest dankest buds, and when flowering time hits they get a fungi surprise. Botrytis bud mold.

Hawaii’s wet tropical climate challenges are nothing to complain about once you’ve learned the game. Botrytis (grey/blue mold) grows like wildfire in a tropical/subtropical climate, and powdery mildews is rampant throughout Hawaii. However, there are locals and experts cultivating the best of the highest-grade sweet pakalolo, renowned worldwide. Long-time outdoor growers learned how to deal with these common challenges.

According to Uncle D, back in the mid-late 1970’s and 80’s, Hawaii’s cannabis crop was being mass-produced, guerrilla-style in 12-foot high sugar cane fields. Uncle D and all the insane guerrilla growers themselves are still gnarly to this day. A unique generation of attitudes concerning cannabis. These guerrilla cultivators were not the airy-fairy hippies you may of imagined. Most growers would go out to the fields for 12 hours a day, skipping lunch and working hard on guerrilla patches.

The old-school Hawaiian grower guys tally up hundred pound plus years guerrilla growing, and at the same time be fighting against pot-bust helicopters(green harvest) and local marijuana thieves(rippers). Original guerrilla thug life. The sugar cane days they call it.

And the rain is nuts some years.If you’ve ever lived in Hawaii you know how it can get.
These cultivators have fine-tuned the best way to care for cannabis in a wet sub-tropical environment through years of trial and error. We still got the great Marc Emery seed catalogues, and almost every variety has been ticked off.

profileAnyways, through some chance of fate I found myself living with all these interesting folk. Truly uniquely motivated people who retain a very paranoid attitude about cannabis growing.

Outdoor activities are good. Spot hunting is a fine excuse to take a hike in the great outdoors. A true guerrilla grower at heart enjoys hiking long miles in search of a better, safer patch. Maybe even hunt game (or mushrooms vegans) along the way. I quickly adapted and took advantage of this fun, healthy lifestyle.

I started growing guerrilla herb patches as well as keeping a medical marijuana garden at home. I tried to take growing into the same respect as this man. The reason he had never been busted, is because this man went the extra mile in safety and precaution. We also have registered legal medical marijuana permits and condone doing nothing illegal. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activity. His sharp skills and passion for hunting trained his senses to respond to the faintest of noises.

As the years rolled by, I kept cultivating herb hard. No excuses, and full dedication to the plans for the plants. This is what hardcore harvesting aka cash cropping is all about. Devoting yourself to producing the highest quality, highest amount of high THC buds that get you the highest. Indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse. Full-time work schedule. Hours in the fields if your oudoors, that means scouting, preparing, planting, watering, ect.

The quality of outdoor marijuana buds has been improving, especially now in 2017. Now’s a better time then ever, to enjoy the sacred herb grown naturally by the sun.

When you’re a weed thug, you grow buds outdoors better than many indoor guys do theirs. If you’re not having people rush to your spot to reserve the next harvest you’re doing it wrong. Or just not there yet. I never had to make phone calls. People would just come, they knew.

Growing marijuana is really not too complicated, and it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you don’t have to deal with a moldy disaster. Mold Resistant Strains. You can grow killer chronic in nearly any weather condition with the right knowledge, set-up and strain selection

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