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Hawaii’s subtropical climate is a breeding ground for moldy buds. We deal with non-stop rain and high humidity during much of the year. Not exactly your ideal flowering conditions for growing cannabis outdoors. Every year some folk come to Hawaii thinking they’re going to grow the biggest dankest buds, but once their plants mature, they get a fungal surprise—Botrytis cinerea, aka bud mold.

Botrytis mold grows like wildfire in tropical/subtropical climates; the same goes for powdery mildew, rampant throughout Hawaii.

Marijuana mold problems make growing many of the most popular indica and indica-dominant strains very challenging, which is unfortunate because their dank, resinous buds are just awesome.

we love growing cannabis

However, there are some indica strains more resistant to mold than others. These include strains like certain Hash Plant varieties, Chinese Indicas, Brazilian, and of course, local Hawaiian strains.

We’re currently working with hybrids built for speed, yield, flavor, and potency, but most important of all, mold resistance. These come from the resilient indica strains mentioned above, bred to Thai, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese sativa strains.

Growing cannabis is not really that complicated, nor should it be. It’s even easier when you don’t have a moldy disaster on your hands. That’s what we’re about.

Hawaii’s wet tropical climate challenges are nothing to complain about once you’ve learned the game.

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