21 Cheap Weed Seeds $9 and Under

21 cheap cannabis seeds for sale online! Lowest-priced single weed seed list. Only high yielding strains are included. Shipping to the USA* and rest of the world. Strains suitable for outdoor, indoor and greenhouse growing.

These cheap weed seeds are available in single seed (pick n mix) and multiple seed packs. List is ordered: 7 Feminized seed strains, 7 Regular seed strains, and 7 Autoflowering seed strains.

Cheapest Feminized Weed Seeds

Feminized seeds can be purchased as single seeds (pick n mix). This makes trying multiple strains of sensimilla very cheap. The feminized weed seeds listed here are all for sale as singles, priced under $9 dollars per seed.

F1) Anubis Feminized Seeds

This vigorous weed strain grows fast and produces heavy yields of strong fruity buds. Suitable for outdoors, indoors and greenhouse growing. Anubis is a bushy indica dominant hybrid producing 15-20% THC content. Dark green leaves and frosty buds. Anubis can yield up to 1200 g/plant. Seeds are priced cheap at just over $8 per single.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 600 g/m2; 1+ kg/plant

Buy Anubis feminized seeds 👇



F2) Zombie Kush Feminized Seeds

Zombie Kush is a popular award-winning hybrid known for it’s unreal dank buds. It contains Bubba Kush genetics on top of an old Lavender Kush strain and Amnesia Haze cross. High THC content over 20%. Zombie Kush is easy to grow, and single seeds are affordably priced at at less than $9 a seed.

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Ripper Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 400-600 g/m2; high yield

Buy Zombie Kush feminized seeds 👇



F3) Frencheese Feminized Seeds

This colorful plant is a indica-dominant weed variety resistant to high humidity climates. Frencheese is a high yielding, compact plant that produces the popular dank ‘cheese’ type buds. Bred with a Super Skunk and a Master Kush. 14-19% THC content. Frencheese seeds are available cheap as feminized singles for just over $8 per seed.

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder French Touch Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 400-500 g/m2; 600-900 g/plant

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F4) White Widow Feminized Seeds

Pyramid Seeds’ White Widow can grow over 8 feet tall outdoors, and is a productive high yield version of the classic strain. The crystaline-white appearence and distinct wet widowy flavor makes this strain a hit. White Widow buds often exceed 20% THC content. Pick n mix White Widow seeds for under $9 each!

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 450-500 g/m2; up to 1 kg/plant

Buy White Widow feminized seeds 👇



F5) Acid Dough Feminized Seeds

Acid Dough is a psychedelic, energetic sativa strain that carries colorful purple and green buds. High yielding, solid fruity cannabis. Acid Dough is easy to grow and loves nitrogen. These seeds are a new addition, you can purchase seeds inexpensively for less than $9 per feminized seed.

Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Ripper Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield High yield

Buy Acid Dough feminized seeds 👇



F6) Ice Kush Feminized Seeds

Ice Kush is a mold resistant strain bred from a South African sativa and Kush genetics. Ice Kush produces indica-dominant buds on plants that can grow up to 10 feet in outdoor climates. Beautiful citrusy buds with an uplifting sativa effect. Single seeds of Ice Kush are priced very cheap, at under $8 a seed.

Flowering Time 7-8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Advanced Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 350-450 g/m2; high yieldt

Buy Ice Kush feminized seeds 👇



F7) Tutankhamon Feminized Seeds

Tutankhamon is a unique AK47 phenotype with unreal high 23% THC production. Massive plants with extremely dense buds, make sure to watch out for high-humidity with this one. Very white frosty appearence with a strong skunk aroma. Seeds are low priced at just over 8 dollars a feminized seed.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 600 g/m2; 500-1500 g/plant

Buy Tutankhamon feminized seeds 👇



Cheapest Regular Weed Seeds

Due to their nature, Regular seeds are most affordably bought as multiple seed packs. The regular seed packs below are all $25 or lower, making them priced at just a few dollars per seed. Included are high quality stable and landrace genetics.

R1) Kuamaoni Regular Seeds

A mold resistant landrace charas plant from India. Kumaon or Kumaun is a region of Uttarakhand, a mountainous state of northern India. This lemony candy plant holds up well despite rains and high humidity from the Himalayan monsoon. Get these weed seeds cheap at under $20 a pack!

Flowering Time 9-11 Weeks
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Co.
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 1-2 kg/plant

Buy Kuamaoni regular seeds 👇



R2) Original Afghani #1 Regular Seeds

This classic strain from the 1970’s is a stable true-breeding indica responsible for many popular cannabis hybrids. Seedsman’s Original Afghani #1 has been acclimated to the outdoor climate, selectively bred for resin production and early flowering. A fundamental breeding stock for cheap (under 22 bucks).

Flowering Time 6-7 Weeks
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 400-600 g/m2; high yield

Buy Original Afghani #1 regular seeds 👇



R3) S. African Kwazulu Regular Seeds

This vigorous sativa strain yields big and develops a large dominant cola bud formation. Hailing from the Drankensberg Ridge in South Africa, Kwazulu is a high 15-20% THC, stable-breeding, pure-sativa landrace strain. The finished buds are very large. A steal deal for less than $25 a 10 pack.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder World of Seeds
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 350 g/m2; 450-500 g/plant

Buy S. African Kwazulu regular seeds 👇



R4) Chitrali Regular Seeds

This pure Hindu Kush strain comes from Upper Chitral, one of the biggest charas producing valleys in the Hindu Kush range. Plants can grow up to 13 feet (4 meters) in height. Chitrali buds are very dense and resinous, showing both sativa and indica traits. Get these cheap weed seeds for not even 25 dollars a 5-pack.

Flowering Time 8-11 Weeks
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Co.
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 1+ kg/plant

Buy Chitrali regular seeds 👇



R5) Mama Thai Regular Seeds

Thai strains are some of the most elusive and mysterious cannabis strains in the world. These long flowering sativa plants produce buds that give users a strong speedy sensation followed by paranoia. Thai strains are great if you don’t harvest them early – sometimes that means waiting 20 weeks! Luckily, Seedsman has bred their Mama Thai seeds to flower in a more managable 11 weeks time. Super cheap 10-pack of seeds for less than $24.

Flowering Time 11 Weeks
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 1+ kg/plant

Buy Mama Thai regular seeds 👇



R6) Early Durban Regular Seeds

Early Durban is a fast flowering Durban Poison x Skunk #1 hybrid. This tall growing plant grows well indoors, outdoors and greenhouse. Early Durban produces pungent skunky tight buds. 18% THC content. Buy a cheap 10-pack of regular seeds for under $25.

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 500 g/m2; high yield

Buy Early Durban autoflowering seeds 👇



R7) Original Skunk #1 Regular Seeds

This classic west coast USA strain is the standard for pungent marijuana hybrids. Skunk grows in a Christmas tree like formation, and is renowned for it’s high yield and superb quality buds. Easy to trim buds. A must-have strain for breeders – for less than 25 bucks you can pick up a pack of 10 seeds.

Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 400-500 g/m2; 1 kg/plant

Buy Original Skunk #1 regular seeds 👇



Cheapest Autoflowering Weed Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are typically purchased in a higher volume than conventional cannabis seeds. For this reason finding cheap autoflowering seeds is a serious advantage when buying seeds online. Each autoflowering seed strain listed here is under $9 per single seed.

A1) Auto Amnesia Gold Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Amnesia Gold is a powerfully growing compact autoflowering plant that is grown from seed-to-harvest in about 2 1/2 months. A medium-tall plant. Auto Amnesia contains Lennon, Amnesia and Ruderalis genetics. The sativa genes present contribute to Auto Amnesia Gold being tested at 19.3% THC. Priced at under $8 per feminized autoflowering seed.

Grow Time 10-12 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Plant Height 60-160 cm
Yield 600 g/m2

Buy Auto Amnesia Gold autoflowering seeds 👇



A2) Auto Somango Autoflowering Seeds

Grows in a super quick 60 days from seed. Auto Somango contains Jack Herer x Big Skunk and Ruderalis genetics, and forms potent dense nuggets containing 15% THC. Auto Somango can also be grown outdoors, reaching up to a meter per plant. Feminized. Super cheap deal at under $7 per seed!

Grow Time 60 Days from Seed
Seed Breeder Advanced Seeds
Plant Height 60-120 cm
Yield 350-450 g/m2

Buy Auto Somango autoflowering seeds 👇



A3) Auto New York City Autoflowering Seeds

New York City Diesel is a renowned cash cropper strain, and this autoflowering version, Auto New York City follows suit. Buds are formed on plants with little space wasted. Reliable high yielding smelly weed. Priced around $7 per autoflowering femininzed seed.

Grow Time 67-70 Days from Seed
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Plant Height 60-130 cm
Yield 500-550 g/m2

Buy Auto New York City autoflowering seeds 👇



A4) Sin Tra Bajo Autoflowering Seeds

Sin Tra Bajo translates to “without work” and this short indica-dominant auto strain grows accordingly. Sin Tra Bajo Autoflowering seeds produce dense indica buds holding a mid 12-15% THC content. Knock-out stone. Autoflowering feminized seeds of Sin Tra Bajo are for sale cheap under $7 each.

Grow Time 60-65 Days from Seed
Seed Breeder Barney’s Farm
Plant Height 55-65 cm
Yield 550 g/m2

Buy Sin Tra Bajo autoflowering seeds 👇



A5) Auto Super Hash Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Super Hash is a supremely resinous Super Hash strain bred with a Ruderalis plant. This autoflowering strain produces dense sticky buds ideal for making hashish or other cannabis extracts. Auto Super Hash is a vigorous growing plant, and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Feminized autoflowering strain. Seeds are low-priced, in the $7 range.

Grow Time 10-11 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Plant Height 70-140 cm
Yield 550 g/m2

Buy Auto Super Hash autoflowering seeds 👇



A6) Auto Afghan Skunk Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Afghan Skunk is a resilient indica-dominant variety containing a touch of sativa. This high yield autoflowering strain creates plants holding shiny clusters of berry-hashish smelling weed. A mid 15% THC level. Easy to grow. Feminized Auto Afghan Skunk seeds are cheap to buy at just under $7 a seed.

Grow Time 9-10 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder Advanced Seeds
Plant Height 75-120 cm
Yield 400-500 g/m2

Buy Auto Afghan Skunk autoflowering seeds 👇



A7) Auto White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

Auto White Widow by Pyramid Seeds is one of the best quality cheap autoflowering seeds available online. This healthy plant is a breeze to grow in any medium, and produces a high yield of potent cannabis. Moderate 16% THC content. Auto White Widow are very affordable in the 6-7 dollar price range.

Grow Time 75 Days from Seed
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Plant Height 50-150 cm
Yield 550 g/m2

Buy Auto White Widow autoflowering seeds 👇



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