20 Best Exotic Hybrid Strains of Marijuana to Grow 2023

20 Best Exotic Hybrid Marijuana Strains to Grow

Top exotics list—Best exotic marijuana strains this year! Grow the best exotic indica and sativa hybrids for maximum potency, quality, and yield. Exotic seeds for sale. Exotic is a term used to describe marijuana that is extremely potent. Exotic strains typically command higher prices in cannabis markets. Every exotic strain listed below is available to … Read more

21 Cheap Weed Seeds $7 and Under

21 Cheap Weed Seeds $6 and Under

List of the cheapest marijuana seeds for sale online. A buyers guide to low-price fem, reg, and auto seeds. Fast domestic shipping in the USA. The cheap weed seeds listed below are sold as single seed and multiple seed packs. They have been organized into three sections: cheapest feminized, regular, and autoflowering weed seeds. Prices … Read more

Cannabis Seeds – Legal To Purchase? A Look Across the Globe

The legality of purchasing cannabis seeds is frustratingly like all other legal matters pertaining to marijuana; tricky. Depending on the Country, State, and various other circumstantial factors, one may or may not be legally permitted to purchase them. This blog post is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this post should be construed as legal … Read more

3 Most Common Fails of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

3 Most Common Fails of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

  👋Watch out for these 3 common mistakes beginners make when growing cannabis outdoors: 1. Genetics Quality cannabis comes from quality genetics. Marijuana seed breeders work hard to increase vigor, yield, THC content, and other favorable traits in their lines. While growing out bag seed of unknown origin is an exciting surprise, you might not … Read more

Drying Cannabis Mold-Free Off-Grid Without Electricity

Drying Cannabis Mold Free Off-Grid and Low Energy

Instructions to build a simple barrel stove for fast, easy bud drying. No electricity required! Eliminate mold problems in the drying room. Faced with rain and high humidity, many strains of cannabis are prone to the grey/blue mold known as Botrytis. This destructive fungi ruins buds and spreads fast. The danger doesn’t end at harvest … Read more