Best Rosin Press Guide, DIY How to Make Rosin Cheap

Best Rosin Press Guide - DIY How to Make Rosin Cheap

Ultimate guide to making rosin. The best rosin press machines starting from cheap hair irons to DIY rosin plates and full kits. Table of Contents:WHERE IT ALL BEGAN (Rosin)How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing)Tips for High Yield Rosin PressingHow to Find the PSI of a Rosin PressBest Temps and Time for Rosin PressingCheapest Way to …

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Are These Not-So-Cheap LED Grow Lights Even Worth The Price?!

LED grow lights are trending this year, being searched for online more than HPS and other grow lights. If you haven’t seen the HPS vs. Electric Sky LED side-by-side indoor grow timelapse yet, I suggest you take a look at this video. Table of Contents:New Wideband Spectrum LEDsWhy use near-infrared light?The Emerson EffectElectric Sky LED …

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Cannabis Seeds – Legal To Purchase? A Look Across the Globe

The legality of purchasing cannabis seeds is frustratingly like all other legal matters pertaining to marijuana; tricky. Depending on the Country, State, and various other circumstantial factors, one may or may not be legally permitted to purchase them. This blog post is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this post should be construed as legal …

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