What’s the Best Rosin Press? DIY How to Make Rosin CHEAP!

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So you heard about rosin.. Here we go, let me start from the beginning

Hash Church Episode XXV ROSINTECH (March 15th, 2015 YouTube). We had all been happily watching Bubbleman and his gaggle of dabbers for weeks now, never to realize Soilgrown Sal would be invited on to share this new, and soon to be revolutionary, tech he had discovered. While pressing some bubble hash with a hair straightener to make it dabbable, he discovered ROSIN


Rosin is by definition a softening of the trichomes through heat along with an extrusion of the softened trichomes via pressure. In the early days all we knew was a hair straightener. Grab a bud, stuff it in some parchment, squeeze and viola! Fresh, tasty (sometimes), and ready to smoke dabs! Very quickly the rosin press market developed. Some good, some bad, and most ugly.

How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing)

The simply described way to make Rosin is this:

  1. Take a rectangle of parchment paper and fold in half the long way.
  2. Take a bud and place in the center of the fold in the parchment
  3. Place wrapped bud in preheated hair straightener or Rosin press and press.
  4. Remove “squished” bud and collect rosin.

Let me elaborate on all of these steps.
When selecting parchment, it is best to select a natural or organic option, if possible. Allow enough room for the bud to “stretch” as it is squished, and room for the oil to spread around the bud.

** An additional tech that came along, is called directional flow. After folding paper in half and loading product into the center, Then fold each side diagonally on each side of bud, as to direct the pressed oil towards the front of the created pocket.
This biggest key to Rosin is the beginning product. High quality fresh nugs and bubble hash will produce the finest quality rosin. Another factor is that every strain will product different results. Start small, experiment, and with good results, continue. When pressing bubble or shake, use an unbleached coffee filter, tea bag, or specialized rosin bags like these on Amazon to prevent plant material getting into your fresh rosin!

a closeup picture of made rosin

Tips for High Yield Rosin Pressing

When PRESSING there are 3 KEY Factors. TIME of Press, and TEMPERATURE of plates and PSI! Since every strain of cannabis will react differently, you’ll need to play around with time and temperature to find what works best with your product. **To find the PSI of your setup, simply take the Pressure (tons, lbs etc) and divide by the surface area of your place. I would recommend staying above at least 1200 psi for an effective press.

Ex. A 3″x3″ plate in a 10-ton press gives you 9 sq in of surface area.

10 Tons = 20,000 lbs

20,000 / 9 = 2222 lbs per square inch (psi).


90-160ºF for 5-20 seconds


155-240ºF for 10-30 seconds

When collecting rosin, if product is sappy, place on frozen pizza box, etc to stiffen while collecting.

Cheapest Way to Press Rosin: Hair Straightener

hair straightener flat iron

Any hair straightener will do. Try to find a model that can be turned down super low like this one on Amazon, but here’s the thing about using flat iron hair straighteners for making rosin. Eventually you are going to break it.. One way or another.. You’ll stand on it, put it in a vise, and eventually it will break.

Temp guns are necessary because the temperature of plate vs heater (readout on display) generally differ 5 – 30ºF.

As an alternative rosin pressing method, you can simply disassemble the straightener and remove all the plastic, leaving only 2 heated plates and a controller. Now how do you press theses? The best option to be found has been a handheld “Quick Clamp”.

Build your own, check out this reddit post as an example of the DIY hair straightener w/quick clamp rosin press.

diy rosin press hair straightener

DIY Rosin Press Plates for Quick Clamp

This is a cheap hack to upgrade your rosin pressing on an affordable budget. An easy DIY rosin press set up consisting of heated aluminum plates to be pressed to 600 lbs. (272 KG) of clamping force. Simply attach these 2″ x 3″ heated rosin plates to a Dewalt extra large 12″ trigger clamp. The DIY rosin plate kit below features a dual cartridge heater with external Thermocouple Pid controller to dial in your temperature.


DIY rosin heat clamp with Dewalt press-plates

Featured- DIY Rosin Press Clamp Plate Kit: SnobClamp




The Next Step-
Now you’ve seen Rosin made right in front of you, you’re excited to make more and more. You’ve gone through 4 hair straighteners, a roll of parchment, 2 ounces of bud and you have barely any Rosin to speak of… If you want to process more than a gram or two at a time, you’re going to want to invest in a Rosin press with a higher PSI. Simply put this is a “Shop Press” or hydraulic press with 2 heated plates.


DIY Rosin Press Plates for Shop Press

You can fit an custom DIY kit onto a standard hydraulic shop press to turn it into a fully functioning press for making rosin. These DIY rosin press kits include rosin press plates, heating rods, double Pid controller, cords, ect.

plates for rosin-press kit DIY with heat controllers

Featured- DIY Rosin Press Shop Press Plate Kit: Extract Butler




Manual Rosin Press

The next cheapest option and most reliable, but it will make you work for it. If you’ve ever jacked up a car, well this is the same jack. No extra features to worry about and total control make this the best option for a beginner. Don’t forget your PSI! Have plates in mind before buying a press, or check the sizes when buying a kit. (*T Shirt Presses and the like, do not work well for this reason)

Featured Best Cheap Manual Press:

mypress-gen2 new manual rosin-press best-reviewed for extraction

Featured- MyPress Gen 2 is a new release, portable 6-ton manual rosin press equipped with 3×3 heated stainless steel plates. Easy to use, just turn on, dial in the temperature, insert paper/flower and pull down the handle. A LED counter shows the elapsed time between closing and re-opening the plates, so you can record the best settings for yield.

Pressure6 tons
Temp Range150ºF-250ºF (71ºC-104ºC)
Plate Size3.07” x 3.07”
Voltage110v Power: 1A/120W



Hydraulic Rosin Press

No air compressor needed! A hydraulic rosin press uses hydraulic pressure to create the force necessary to extract rosin. Once the pressing plates are heated(electric) to the desired temperature, simply crank down the hand pump in order to operate a hydraulic rosin press. When shopping for a hydraulic rosin press, look for a high pressure model, starting at 10-ton (20,000lbs).

Featured Affordable Best Hydraulic Rosin Press:
top hydraulic rosin press: 1400-psi high-pressure extraction machine

Featured- The Green Dream hydraulic rosin press comes equipped with heavy duty 5×5 plates, built-in digital temperature and timer gauge. This 1,400 psi beast of a machine makes over 10 tons of pressure! 

Pressure10 tons
Temp Range0° – 482ºF
Plate Size4.7″ x 4.7″



Pneumatic Rosin Press

While one of these will cost you a little more, if you’re looking to press rosin long-term this might be your best option. Pneumatic rosin presses are easy to use. Simply press a button and your press is activated! You’ll also need an air compressor to go with this one!

pneumatic rosin press best-cheap

Featured Cheap Pneumatic Press for Rosin: Green Dream Pneumatic Rosin Press. Adjustable pressure up to 5000 psi!

Pressure20 tons
Temp Rangeup to 500ºF (260ºC)
Plate Size6″ x 8″



Professional Hybrid Heavy Duty Rosin Press

Hybrid rosin presses can be operated as both a manual and pneumatic press. The heated pressing plates are also often interchangeable, and the whole machine comes built as a heavy duty stand alone unit. These monster rosin presses are far from the most affordable, with many ‘professional’ rosin presses are priced at a few thousand dollars.

Featured Best Professional Hybrid Rosin Press:

nug-smasher-pro best professional rosin press

The NugSmasher Pro 20-ton rosin press is both manual and pneumatic, meaning that you can plug it in and use without a compressor if needed. 3 interchangeable plate size choices.

Pressure20 tons
Temp Range32º – 752ºF (0 – 400ºC)
Plate Size7″ x 10″



Electric Rosin Press

Electric rosin presses are the newest design on the market, and are gaining widespread adoption. Electric rosin presses do not require air compressors, nor hydraulic pumps or jacks to operate. Fully automated, adjustable function powered by pure electricity.

Featured Affordable Best Electric Rosin Press:

electric rosin press *new

Featured- Newest Type Rosin Press by Green Dream This plug-and-play rosin press requires only electricity to operate. Uses 1200W of power.




Disclaimer: we do not promote or undertake in illegal activities.

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