How to Stop Botrytis on Cannabis (Bud Rot, Gray Mold)

How to Stop Botrytis on Cannabis Bud Rot Gray Mold

Get rid of Botrytis (bud rot, gray mold) on marijuana. The best ways to stop gray mold fast and prevent it from spreading. Table of Contents:What is gray mold (Botrytis cinerea)?What does gray mold look like?Where is gray mold found on cannabis?Early signs of gray moldHow fast does bud rot spread?How to Stop Gray Mold …

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Drying Cannabis Mold-Free Off-Grid Without Electricity

Drying Cannabis Mold Free Off-Grid and Low Energy

Instructions to build a simple barrel stove for fast, easy bud drying. No electricity required! Eliminate mold problems in the drying room. Faced with rain and high humidity, many strains of cannabis are prone to the grey/blue mold known as Botrytis. This destructive fungi ruins buds and spreads fast. The danger doesn’t end at harvest …

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