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Top 10 Best Hard Hitting Bud Booster Fertilizers

Marijuana needs nutrients to grow. If cannabis plants are to reach their full big-budded, heavy-yielding potential, it must be ensured that the sufficient nutrients are available to support this growth. Don’t be the naive grower who plants marijuana in an unprepared plot of soil, only supplementing with some random compost. Plenty of people have tried that before you,
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8 Resilient Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains for Wet Climates

Growing marijuana in a wet humid climate is a completely different ballgame than what most herb growers face. Nevertheless, finishing quality buds in the pouring rain is not impossible for the selective, careful and attentive cannabis cultivator. Have you ever dealt with pounds of moldy weed? Plants soaked; buds mushy and trashed, covered with white/blue mold
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