Top 10 Best Bud Food & Bloom Booster Fertilizers

Top 10 Best Bud & Bloom Booster Fertilizers

The best nutrients for flowering cannabis. Most effective fertilizers for big buds (best bloom boosters). Get the high yields and save money by knowing what suitable flowering marijuana supplements contain. Organic Fertilizers Organic fertilizers are made of natural ingredients. The highest concentration of plant nutrients comes from mineral powders, manures, and animal parts. Seaweed and … Read more

8 Resilient Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains for Wet Climates

8 Resilient Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains for Wet Climates

Most mold resistant cannabis strains list—the types of marijuana that best resist bud rot, Botrytis, and powdery mildew. For sale as regular and feminized seeds. Mold and mildew resistant strains are crucial to success when growing cannabis in humid climates. The best mold resistant strains have the ability to produce high-quality marijuana buds in wet … Read more

Rethinking Concentrates – by Jason King (The Cannabible)

Jason King author of cannabible marijuana plant buds closeup image for rethinking concentrates

Regarding Cannabis Concentrates As a recent convert to mostly cannabis concentrates, it’s a subject that is most interesting to me. ‘Live resin’ and other hash oils feel much easier on the body than the massive amounts of bubble hash and herb I was smoking before. That said, there seems to be a major philosophical and … Read more