Top 25 Best Indica Strains 2023

Top 25 Best Indica Strains

Definitive list of the best indica strains in 2023. Ranked by the best indica strains of all time, best indoor, outdoor, most potent, pure and landrace indica strains. All for sale as cannabis seeds with swift and discreet US shipping. Most Potent Indica Strains Runtz Muffin Overview: Runtz Muffin is an incredibly potent and flavorful … Read more

20 Best Kush Strains of Weed to Grow 2023

20 Best Kush Strains of Weed to Grow

Best Kush strains list—The best Kush strains of all time to grow indoors and outdoors. Indica Kush marijuana seeds for sale in fem and auto. Kush strains descend from cannabis varieties native to the Hindu Kush mountain range. Hundreds of Kush strains exist today. The best Kush strains in the world are renowned for their … Read more

18 New Strains for 2018

18 New Strains for 2018

Best marijuana strains of 2018. The 18 new strains listed below are the newest cannabis seed strain releases from the year 2018. Included are new sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. List ordering goes Feminized seed strain, Regular seed strain, Autoflowering seed strain, and so on and so forth. 18. Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds Gorilla … Read more