18 New Strains for 2018

2018 is going to be a hot new year for cannabis growing. The 18 new strains listed below are the newest cannabis seed strain releases for the year 2018. Included are new sativa, indica and hybrid strains. List ordering goes: Feminized seed strain, Regular seed strain, Autoflowering seed strain and so on and so forth.

18) Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis seeds by the breeder Expert seeds is a new release feminized seed strain for 2018. This 75% sativa strain has a high potency, despite it’s short flowering time. A vigorous plant during vegetative growth, Gorilla Glue #4 is suitable for all climates indoors, outdoors and greenhouse. Sweet pine & chocholate flavored buds with a reported 24% THC content.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Expert Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 450 g/m2; 600+ g/plant

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17) Sour Grape Regular Seeds

Sour Grape is a bushy 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid bred between Grapefruit and Sour Kush parents. This high yielding new cannabis strain has over a 20% THC content and produces dense fruity buds. A highly resinous aromatic plant that develops sugar leaves. Sour Grape is a new release strain from Lineage Genetics.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Lineage Genetics
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 450-550 g/m2; 600+ g/plant

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16) Blue Dream ‘Matic Auto Seeds

New for 2018, Fast Buds’ Blue Dream ‘Matic strain is FastBuds’ new autoflowering version of the popular high yield strain Blue Dream. This sativa dominant autoflowering strain will grow almost 4 feet in height (110 cm) and produce high yields of long cola buds similar to Blue Dream, and finishes in nine to eleven weeks from germination.

Grow Time 9-11 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder Fast Buds
Seed Sex Feminized AUTO
Yield 300 g/plant

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15) Good Shlt Feminized Seeds

Good Shlt is a new strain by Phoenix Seeds. According to the breeder, this sativa dominant strain develops vibrant purple color buds during flowering, especially in cold temperatures. THC level is reported at 15-20%. Watch out for bud mold, as this strain develops dense buds.

Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Phoenix Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield Unknown

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14) Harlequin x Super Sour Diesel Regular Seeds

Harlequin x Super Sour Diesel is a new high CBD strain by Lineage Genetics that is 70% sativa dominant. High yielding 5-8% CBD strain performing well both indoors and outdoors. Low THC levels around 8-15%. Harlequin x Super Sour Diesel is best for medical marijuana usage, and contains a musky mango aroma and flavor.

Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Lineage Genetics
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 400+ g/m2; 600+ g/plant

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13) Violet Kush Autoflowering Seeds

Violet Kush is a new autoflowering strain for 2018 by Garden of Green genetics. This high yielding compact plant will turn into beautiful purple buds during flowering. Usual ‘Kush’ flavor and taste. This autoflowering strain will be finished in about 60-65 days from germination.

Grow Time 9 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder Garden of Green
Seed Sex Feminized AUTO
Yield 350-400 g/m2

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12) Peyote Critical Feminized Seeds

Peyote Critical is a new limited edition strain from Barney’s Farm seeds. This short flowering strain, bred between Critical Kush and Peyote Purple, grows well in the outdoors, indoors and greenhouse. Peyote Critical is a very high yielding strain with a widowy flavor similar to musk and wood. Easy to grow in all climates.

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Barney’s Farm
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 650 g/m2; 1000 g/plant

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11) Diesel Moonshine Regular Seeds

Diesel Moonshine is a new regular seed strain by Mosca Seeds. This short statured, bushy, high yielding cannabis strain is based off of Sour Diesel genetics. Diesel Moonshine plants grow resinous, greasy colas stacked full of buds. Suitable for all climates: indoors, outdoors and greenhouse growing.

Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Mosca Seeds
Seed Sex Regular
Yield High

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10) Malawi x NL Autoflowering Seeds

Ace Seeds is a company well known for their strong landrace and rare genetics. Malawi x NL is their first autoflowering strain, available nowin 2018. This new auto strain forms a large main dominant cola that matures from seed in about 8-9 weeks. Expect aromas and flavors similar to strawberry yogurt and wood. Highly resinous buds. Malawi x NL Auto has three main phenotypes.

Grow Time 8-9 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder ACE Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized AUTO
Yield High

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9) L.A. Amnesia Feminized Seeds

Paradise Seeds has collaborated with Tommy Chong to bring the new L.A. Amnesia Chong’s Choice strain. This new strain contains a 20-24% THC content and produces very high yielding plants carrying thick colas and big buds with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Based off the original Los Angeles Amesia, this sativa dominant strain performs well in most climates indoor, outdoor or greenhouse.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder Paradise Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 600 g/m2; 1500 g/plant

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8) Blueberry Teeth IBL Regular Seeds

Blueberry Teeth is an inbred-line (IBL) strain consisting of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and the old DJ Short Blueberry genetics. This mostly indica strain is a squat, compact plant that flowers in a very quick 6-8 weeks time. Outdoor growers in humid climates may experience mold problems during flowering. This so-called new strain for 2018 is actually just the release of a newly discovered 15-year old seed stash. Fruity-flavored buds.

Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Seed Breeder Dankonomics
Seed Sex Regular
Yield Unknown

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7) CBD Crack Autoflowering Seeds

CBD Crack is a new autoflowering hybrid strain by FastBuds. This Green Crack crossbreed than the typical autoflowering strain, and will form into a pine tree shaped plant producing a high CBD content (7%) and a (low THC content (5-10%). An ideal medical marijuana autoflowering strain. Each autoflowering plant should grow to over 2 feet in height during it’s 10-11 week lifecycle.

Grow Time 10-11 Weeks from Seed
Seed Breeder FastBuds Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized AUTO
Yield 120-250 g/plant

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6) PineQueen Haze #14 Feminized Seeds

PineQueen Haze #14 is a new for 2018 indica dominant hybrid created from a unique Indian Shimla indica plant with a touch of Pineapple Haze. This fruity and spicy cannabis strain contains a high >20% THC content and a minimal 0.6% CBD content. A great quick flowering strain for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses. Be careful of botrytis mold during late flowering due to PineQueen’s dense indica buds.

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Lineage Genetics
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield 400-500 g/m2; 600+ g/plant

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5) Pina Rita Regular Seeds

Pina Rita is a new strain for 2018 by TGA Subcool based off of the legendary Highland Oaxacan Gold. By crossing the Oaxcan with TGA’s own resinous cherry Space Dude, a new fruity candy strain has been develeloped with a strong landrace background. This strain does well in all conditions, turns purple in some climates.

Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Seed Breeder TGA Subcool
Seed Sex Regular
Yield Moderate-High Yield

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4) Master Kush Autoflowering Seeds

Master Kush, a recognized high yielding indica strain derived from plants in the Hindu Kush mountain range, is now new in autoflowering seed form by White Label Seeds. This high yielding resinous Kush plant produces the classic couch-lock dense and dank indica buds. Very sticky bud hash plant. Best for indoor growing.

Grow Time 11-13 Weeks
Seed Breeder White Label Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield High

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3) Banana Ice Cream Feminized Seeds

Banana Ice Cream is a new strain by Holy Smoke Seeds. This indica-sativa hybrid was bred from a mix of Banana sativa, Gorilla Glue #4, Cookies & Cream and Platinum genetics. Fruity buds on a very fast flowering strain. Holds up well both indoors and outdoor growing.

Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Seed Breeder Holy Smoke Seeds
Seed Sex Feminized
Yield Unknown

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2) Highland Thai Regular Seeds

Highland Thai is a new release strain by The Real Seed Company. Not for the novice grower, Thai strains are some of the longest flowering sativa strains, and can grow to ridiculous heights producing 2 kilo plus yielding plants. For the long 18+ week flowering time you will be rewarded with psychedelic buds high in THCV. Unique Thai flavor.

Flowering Time 18+Weeks
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Company
Seed Sex Regular
Yield 2 kg+/plant

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1) Gigabud Autoflowering Seeds

Gigabud is a new autoflowering strain by the breeder G13 labs. This strain grows large, dense resinous buds smelling of sweet pineapple and mandarin citris fruit. This indica dominant autoflowering plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Buds turn purple in colder climates.

Grow Time 10-11 Weeks
Seed Breeder G13 Labs
Seed Sex Autoflowering
Yield High

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Disclaimer: Know your laws. Read federal and local/county laws before buying seeds online. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activities.


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    That I’ve cream and the Chong’s choice gg4 f what! Nice

  2. // Reply

    Lost my six plants to mold last year. What would be a good mold-resistant, easily grown outdoor, Indica strain for southern CA?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Alan, thanks for commenting Thai genetics (sativa) are among the strongest against mold, though if you’re looking for mostly indica I would say that Hash Plant and it’s crosses hold up better thank Kush varieties, at least in Hawaii where humidity is high. If you wanna try a new strain to grow give Blueberry x Hash Plant a try 🙂

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