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Top 11 Best Sativa Strains-Seeds 2017 *NEW

High-balling into this new year are 11 of the best sativa strains and seeds for marijuana cultivators and smokers – selected by quality, growth traits, scent, flavor and effects… Buds covered in frost shock stoners with an electric, clear-headed high, Bangi Haze is a sativa plant containing monster growth potential. Originating from a Congolese sativa
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Strain Review - Lemon Thai Kush - Humboldt Seeds Organization

For those looking for a unique, marketable and productive sativa, Lemon Thai Kush gracefully introduces the beauty of Southeast Asian cannabis genetics. Lemon Thai Kush is Humboldt Seeds Organization’s version of the classic “Lemon Thai”, a mostly sativa cross between landrace Thai and Hawaiian strains. Well known for massive, thick colas that produce a twisted psychedelic high, this variety is a
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