Purple Kush Strain – Legends of Marijuana [GET SEEDS]

The name of the popular weed strain ‘Purple Kush’ has been going around for decades, nevertheless it’s true genetics are not always easy to come by.

Beautiful Purple Kush – stocky and hits hard!

The first time my uncle got a hold of Purple Kush was in the early nineties, in the days when you would order pot seeds out of a catalog.

This strain was found to perform surprisingly well in the rough, often humid outdoor Hawaiian climate – even with it’s indica (claimed to be pure) dominant Afghani heritage. Growing bigger than many of the other popular Indica varieties at the time, Purple Kush became my veteran guerrilla grower uncle’s ol’ faithful.

Most pot growers on the Big Island of Hawaii were producing low-quality sativa at the time. While these sativa strains often have pleasant highs, the reality was they just didn’t look that pretty: many locals would dry buds in full sun, laid outside in baskets – after experiencing a bit of mold issues due to improper drying conditions. Marijuana was often low in potency and bag appeal, from being harvested way too early.

Once it was found that the dank-budded Indica strain Purple Kush was forming up fat buds in the fields and finishing hard, it was like finding ‘the golden ticket

Outdoors, Purple Kush seeds can grow into massive trees yielding multi-pound plants when grown correctly. I can’t recall how many times I’ve walked into the family house completely stuffed full of this strain’s branches.

A vigorous strain that outgrows many of its rival strains when put side by side, you may have to create a separate area for her – she likes to get big!

Purple Kush is a heavy feeding strain, whether you are growing organically or non-organically, make sure that you are are providing a lot of available nutrients for her – these fat structured Afghani plants need a massive diet. Be sure to pack on the food during the flowering cycle – you will be thanking yourself that you did.

Equatorial and sub-equatorial growers should extend their daylight hours with additional lighting when growing this strain if large plants are desired quickly- for more information about this and Hawaii’s growing seasons click here.

Holds up well against pests and diseases. Purple Kush’s thick dark green leaves are not the succulent type that attracts insects – just take a bite of a leaf and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

May it be noted the need to watch out for botrytis (blue/grey mold) during the end of flowering, due to it’s indica Afghani genetics, but fortunately, mold does not spread like wildfire through Purple Kush. Growing these seeds outdoors, be certain to keep airflow throughout the plant, enabling Purple Kush flowers on league with indoor top-shelf buds.

Keep Purple Kush in as much full sun as possible, at 6 hours for solid results. Be careful of the sunlight following a humid rain – perfect conditions for mold.

A few years back we had a massive powdery mildew outbreak on the island. Almost all of our medical marijuana plants were affected by this mildew, but the Purple Kush plants were hardly hit at all. It’s rough leaves held up strong and clean.

We have tested these seeds for decades guerrilla style – grass fields, gulches, forests, pastures, and jungle valleys. And through all of this Purple Kush has gotten the last laugh, producing high quality buds in rough conditions.

A few things you should know about Purple Kush

  • Purple Kush is a cross between a Purple Afghani and a Hindu Kush, originally bred in California.
  • This strain is reputed as being one of the top ten most powerful strains of marijuana in the world.
  • For many phenotypes, the buds give off a fragrant scent comparable to lavender and grapes.
  • Although claimed to be 100% Indica, inbreeding the purple kush strain in a sub-tropical environment has lead to taller, more sativa-esque plants
  • Don’t expect too much purple if you are finishing in a warm climate – the true purple color only fully comes out with cold temperatures.
  • A tried-and-true outdoor variety, Purple Kush is the superior to many strains in resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Purple Kush is also a solid choice for indoor growers as well – these fat bushy plants will yield heavy, cartoon-like buds.
  • The finished product of Purple Kush has a ‘dark’ appearance compared to other varieties of marijuana – even if it’s still green!
  • The yield is worth noting twice, this strain has made a lot of buds through the years on plants with overweight, drooping branches – estimated yeild: Indoors – 450 gr/m2 – Outdoors: 600 gr/plant

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Happy harvests from Hawaii ~ Aloha


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