Jason Lamoore

Jason Lamoore is a world renowned cannabis activist. Imprisoned for his religious beliefs, which includes the use of this medicinal herb, he has spent much of the last 30 years working feverishly to deprogram a heavily indoctrinated populace. Armed with an A.A.S. in Agriculture from Hilo, Hawaii and with over 20 years experience as a ”guerrilla” grower in Puna, Hawaii, Lamoore is a consultant extraordinaire boasting a clientele that spans the globe. Having co-founded “Hawaii High”, he hopes to realize his dream of decriminalizing cannabis in the U.S. completely.

*has almost completed his first novel “Hawaii High” the Life and Times of Professor Potgrower that is destined for the silver screen. The first two chapters are available at his face book page.
* Is prepared to publish his first book “the Hemp Ritual Handbook”
* Is shortly going to re-release a newly vamped website HawaiiHigh.co that offers “shirts so dope they should be illegal”
*Is holding a photo contest for an upcoming Hawaii High project (calendar) in 3 categories: buds, plants and buds-babes& bikinis offering prizes for over 40 entries.
* Is promoting Medicinal Mike, Los Marijuanos and the Bloodshot Bandits on a 3 island tour this Labor Day weekend.

Puna Diesel the story.

On May 2016 Cannabis Care Hawaii, organizers of the Hawaii Cannabis Expo held the 2nd annual Free the Plant event in Oahu. The winner for the island of Hawaii a.k.a. the Big Island, was Puna Diesel, entered by Professor Potgrower of Mtn. View. The stinky sample defeated many delicious, top grade, Hawaiian grown strains including
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Tropical Cannabis and THCV

History of Tropical Cannabis & THCV in Hawaii So the story goes, herb today is far stronger (better) than the weed of the 60’s and 70’s. It may be true that the common market ha s generally more potent and fresher ganja but that can be explained by the loss of Mexican cannabis entering the
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