20 Best Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains: Seed Guide

20 Best Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains: Seed Guide

Dive into the best mold resistant strains, boasting hardy genetics designed to resist the dreaded gray mold—botrytis. These resilient buds hold up in wet conditions, saving you from crop loss due to mold damage like bud rot. They not only protect your harvest from mold but also shine in potency and quality. Each mold resistant … Read more

22 Best Purple Cannabis Strains to Grow from Seed

22 Best Purple Cannabis Strains to Grow from Seed

Best purple strains list—the best weed strains with real purple buds. The most purple-colored strains of marijuana to grow from seed. Genetics play a major role in the pigmentation of cannabis. Purple weed strains naturally develop dark colors due to high amounts of anthocyanins, a group of flavonoids responsible for red, blue, and purple pigments … Read more

23 Easiest Strains to Grow Indoors or Outdoors for Beginners to Experts

23 Easiest Strains to Grow Indoors or Outdoors for Beginners to Experts

The easiest cannabis strains to grow indoors and outdoors from seed. For beginner, novice, advanced, and expert growers alike. List of best easy-to-grow strains. Easy-growing marijuana strains do not take much skill or effort to cultivate. These weed plants naturally thrive in most settings, requiring little care or maintenance. You can produce outstanding results, even … Read more

24 Best Landrace Cannabis Strains to Grow from Seed

24 Best Landrace Cannabis Strains to Grow from Seed

The best old-school landrace cannabis strains. List of top landrace seeds to buy in regular and feminized with USA shipping. Landrace strains of marijuana are found all around the world. They originate from ancestral populations of sativas and indicas. Landrace varieties have laid the foundation for modern cannabis genetics. You can grow or breed these … Read more

Top 25 Best Sativa Strains 2023

Top 25 Best Sativa Strains

Definitive list of the best sativa strains in 2023. Ranked by the strongest sativa strains, top sativa strains of all time, best indoor, outdoor, pure and landrace sativa strains. All for sale as marijuana seeds with fast US shipping. Strongest Sativa Strains Bruce Banner Overview: Bruce Banner is an award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid that’s one of … Read more

Puna Diesel the story.

Puna Diesel marijuana plant buds by Big Island Genetics

In May 2016, Cannabis Care Hawaii, organizers of the Hawaii Cannabis Expo held the 2nd annual Free the Plant event in Oahu. The winner for the island of Hawaii, a.k.a. the Big Island, was Puna Diesel, entered by Professor Potgrower of Mtn. View. The stinky sample defeated many delicious, top-grade, Hawaiian-grown strains, including a Pineapple … Read more

Rethinking Concentrates – by Jason King (The Cannabible)

Jason King author of cannabible marijuana plant buds closeup image for rethinking concentrates

Regarding Cannabis Concentrates As a recent convert to mostly cannabis concentrates, it’s a subject that is most interesting to me. ‘Live resin’ and other hash oils feel much easier on the body than the massive amounts of bubble hash and herb I was smoking before. That said, there seems to be a major philosophical and … Read more

Work Trade on Farms and Grow Weed in Hawaii

Go to Hawaii with $0, Work Trade on Farms and Grow Weed

Live and grow weed in Hawaii on a budget. It’s easier than you think. Work trade on farms to save money. Hawaii’s Medical Cannabis Program allows registered cardholders to grow cannabis at home or a caregiver’s location.     Moving to a new place and starting over from scratch can be intimidating and costly, but … Read more

Hawaiian Grow Tips #1

maui wowie guerrilla cannabis patch

Hawaiian grow tip #1: Introduction to guerilla growing. Learn the secret method that’s been used for years by Hawaii’s pakalolo growers to produce quality outdoor marijuana plants. You can grow da crip kine pakalolo in the ground no matter how thick the bush is! Digging your Hole—Guerrilla Style The first step is to find a … Read more