Top 15 Best Regular Seeds

Top 15 Best Regular Seeds

List of the best regular seeds to buy and grow, ranked by best-selling strain breeds. The authoritative regular marijuana seeds buyers guide for 2021. USA and worldwide shipping. 15. G13 Haze Regular Seeds G13 Haze is a hybrid that combines the legendary G13 genetics—perhaps the most coveted marijuana strain in history—with Hawaiian Haze. It’s an … Read more

10 Hilariously Funny Weed Strain Names

These marijuana strains have hilarious names. 10 funny cannabis names and strain information with links to purchase seeds. 1. Cat Piss Cat Piss is a marijuana strain that comes from the Puna district of Big Island, Hawaii. The strain is named such for its overpowering stench, which smells like cat piss. While its funny name … Read more

Dark Star – TH Seeds – Experience and Strain Review

Dark Star by TH Seeds—grow info, strain review, and links to buy seeds. Dark Star is a potent indica dominant cannabis strain that produces rock-hard, blackberry-flavored dank buds, tested up to 22% THC. It is a photoperiod variety that takes 70 days to bloom. Dark Star’s genetics are Purple Kush x Mazar-I-Sharif. Dark Star Grow … Read more