Top 12 Heavy Indica Dank Strains From Seed

Indica-dominant cannabis is the preferred ‘dank’ option for leagues of stoners, medical marijuana users, and bud cultivators. Compiled below are 12 of the current bestselling & highly esteemed cannabis indica strains from seed. ▼▼▼ 12. Money Maker This indica dominant hybrid isn’t called ‘Money Maker’ for nothing. These productive plants produce minty light-green nuggets that
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UNREAL 20:1 High CBD Strains - Medical Marijuana Seeds

JUST IN: Very high CBD strains from seed. Medical Marijuana Genetics’ Candida and Nightingale strains have shattered tests – over 20% CBD. Buy seeds online in the links below. (Disclaimers and privacy policy here) Cannabidiol(CBD) is an active chemical(cannabinoid) that has taken the forefront of medical marijuana science. Not to be confused with psychoactive THC,
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3 Most Common Fails of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Don’t be the grower planting hermie bag seed into a pile of mulch! We are in a great ‘Cannabis Gold Rush’ era, where quality rules supreme – simple home-growers are becoming self-taught scientists, harvesting top-shelf buds from mother nature. If you want to assure that cultivating marijuana outdoors turns out to be favorable, make sure to
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