Tropical Cannabis and THCV

Tropical Cannabis and THCV

Tropical Cannabis and THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin). THCV is a psychoactive cannabinoid similar to THC that’s frequently found in sativa strains of cannabis from tropical and sub-tropical areas. THCV is best known for producing stimulating cerebral effects. Images and writing by Jason Lamoore. Editor’s Note: In 2021, Seedsman released a 1:1 THCV:THC cannabis strain named Diet Durban. … Read more

Running from a “Pot Bust” Chopper: Operation Green Harvest Hawaii

Running from a “Pot Bust” Chopper: Operation Green Harvest Hawaii

Disclaimer: We do not promote illegal activity. My second-year guerrilla growing cannabis was when we first ran from the “pot bust” chopper—Operation Green Harvest Hawaii. We were strictly growing guerrilla crops then and treated it like a full-time job. We germinated thousands of seeds in flat seedling trays. Each tray was filled with 100 seeds. … Read more

Puna Diesel the story.

Puna Diesel marijuana plant buds by Big Island Genetics

In May 2016, Cannabis Care Hawaii, organizers of the Hawaii Cannabis Expo held the 2nd annual Free the Plant event in Oahu. The winner for the island of Hawaii, a.k.a. the Big Island, was Puna Diesel, entered by Professor Potgrower of Mtn. View. The stinky sample defeated many delicious, top-grade, Hawaiian-grown strains, including a Pineapple … Read more

Rethinking Concentrates – by Jason King (The Cannabible)

Jason King author of cannabible marijuana plant buds closeup image for rethinking concentrates

Regarding Cannabis Concentrates As a recent convert to mostly cannabis concentrates, it’s a subject that is most interesting to me. ‘Live resin’ and other hash oils feel much easier on the body than the massive amounts of bubble hash and herb I was smoking before. That said, there seems to be a major philosophical and … Read more

Drying Cannabis Mold-Free Off-Grid Without Electricity

Drying Cannabis Mold Free Off-Grid and Low Energy

Instructions to build a simple barrel stove for fast, easy bud drying. No electricity required! Eliminate mold problems in the drying room. Faced with rain and high humidity, many strains of cannabis are prone to the grey/blue mold known as Botrytis. This destructive fungi ruins buds and spreads fast. The danger doesn’t end at harvest … Read more