Best Grow Tents for Cannabis 2019

iPower 96x48x78 Grow Tent – #1 Bestselling 2019

iPower 96x48x78 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent: Bestselling Grow Tent for Cannabis 2019

Overview: The #1 Bestselling Grow Tent of 2019 for cannabis growing, iPower’s 96x48x78 (4’x8′) Grow Tent has enough room to fit a small indoor garden of plants. This budget-range grow tent is made using tear-resistant, double-stitched 95% reflective, 99% light-proof mylar and has two doors in the back and two in the front plus double-layer duct ports for ventilation.

Includes: 1 iPower mylar grow tent with 2 windows, 4 doors with snap hooks, bulky zippers, 3 duct ports, water-resistant tray, tool bag, sturdy all-metal frame with support bars for grow lights and the connecting pieces.

Dimensions96″x48″x78″ (4’x8′)
Weight46.6 pounds
Warranty1 Year Warranty

GreenHouser 108x48x80 2-in-1 Grow Tent – New for 2019

GreenHouser 108x48x80 Multi-Chamber 2-in-1 Grow Tent Large

Overview: A new-release multi-chamber grow tent, the GreenHouser 2-in-1 108x48x80 grow tent is suitable for the complete indoor cannabis cultivation process. Your clones, seedlings and vegging plants can fit in the veg chamber while the flowering plants finish in the spacious bloom chamber. Fully light-proof, reflective mylar. At 9 ft. long by 4 ft. wide this grow tent is big so there are also 3 smaller models to choose from.

Includes: 1 GreenHouser 2-in-1 grow tent with veg and bloom chamber, 3 doors, strong zippers multiple vents for fan an filter output, filter straps, 600D oxford material with reflective mylar interior, removable floor tray, metal frame, rack, joints and assembly pieces.

Weight48.5 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Apollo Horticulture 48x24x60 Grow Tent – Best Reviews

Apollo Horticulture 48x24x60 Mylar Grow Tent: Best Reputation

Overview: For a bargain deal this Apollo Horticulture 48x24x60 (2’x4′) is a great grow tent for cannabis growing on a budget. The near 100% light-proof and reflective mylar helps to shine lost light back onto your plant canopy. Sock vents for ventilation tubing and mesh vents for letting out the heat. The zippers are reflective inside. Heavy-duty all-metal construction frame rated to withstand max. 110 lbs. The 2’x4′ size grow tents fit well in tight spaces.

Includes: 1 Apollo Horticulture grow tent complete with heavy duty zipper doors, windows, 100% reflective tear-proof mylar, duct ports, filter straps, complete frame, assembly pieces, and tool bag.

BrandApollo Horticulture
Weight21.8 pounds
Warranty90-day warranty

Gorilla Grow Tent GGTSH33 – Best Quality

Gorilla Grow Tent GGTSH33: Best Overall Grow Tent 2019

Overview: Gorilla Grow Tents are not the cheapest but they are made of more durable materials than lower-priced grow tents. The Gorilla Grow Tent GGTSH33 “Shorty” is an adjustable grow tent that lets you raise-lower the roof. The ultra-thick 1680D fabric is lined with their custom diamond reflective walls. Put together, the all-steel adjustable frame stands at 4’11”, while the included 9-inch extension kit increases the height to 5’11”. If that’s not enough height you can also add on the 2′ extension (sold separately) to reach up to 8’5″ tall.

Includes: 1 adjustable Gorilla Grow Tent made with thick canvas, diamond reflective interior, height adjustable IR blocking roof, steel frame and connectors, industrial strength zippers, double cinch duct ports, 1 rear door, spill tray.

BrandGorilla Grow Tent
Dimensions3’x3′ SHORTY w/9″ Extension Kit
Weight32.9 pounds
Best Feature1 yr. warranty

CoolGrows 48x48x80 Grow Tent – Best Value

CoolGrows 48x48x80 Grow Tent For Weed Growing: Best Reviewed Value

Overview: A top bestselling 4’x4′ grow tent in 2019, the CoolGrows 48x48x80 Grow Tent is a cheap, discreet medium-sized lightproof grow tent perfect for a couple dank bud plants. Stand it up in a snap, the simple build takes only a few minutes to assemble. The tent uses heavy duty oxford cloth material that overlaps the zippers. A quality grow tent for a low price.

Includes: 1 CoolGrows 4×4 grow tent with 600D canvas 99% reflective mylar lining, metal frame and connectors, duct ports, removable spill tray, bracket accessory.

Weight26.5 pounds
Best Feature1 yr. warranty

Cheapest Grow Tents 2019

CoolGrows 2x2x4 Small Indoor Grow Tent – Cheapest Option

CoolGrows 2x2x4 Small Indoor Grow Tent: Cheapest Option

Overview: A small grow tent for dirt cheap, the CoolGrows 2x2x4 Small Indoor Grow Tent is a discreet indoor garden that fits easily in tight spaces, such as a closet or hidden area. 99% reflective mylar interior ensures that light does not escape and shines back onto your plants. The CoolGrows 2x2x4 is a good choice for beginners looking to score a quick harvest.

Includes: 1 CoolGrows complete 2’x2’x4′ grow tent with a durable zipper door, window, duct ports, iron metal frame & connections, heavy-duty oxford cloth with mylar lining, removable floor tray.

Dimensions24″x24″x48″ (2’x2’x4′)
Weight11.5 pounds
Best Feature1 yr. warranty

TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized 24x24x48 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized 24x24x48 Indoor Grow Tent: Low-Priced

Overview: Stealthy and affordable, the TopoLite grow tents come in 15 different sizes starting from 24″x24″x48″ (shown above) up to 120″x120″x80″. All ship with discreet low-key packaging. Made out of sturdy oxford cloth and 96% reflective diamond mylar using meshed rectangle vents for increased ventilation and duct ports for fan and filter output. Fast assembly, no tools required.

Includes: 1 Topolite grow tent with heavy duty zippers, diamond mylar lined oxford cloth, filter straps, metal rods, plastic connectors, duct ports, removable floor tray.

Dimensions24″x24″x48″ (multiple sizes)
Weight11.85 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Opulent Systems 24x24x48 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Opulent Systems 24x24x48 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent: 2019 Best Affordable

Overview: A decent grow tent for a steal deal, the Opulent Systems 24″x24″x48″ waterproof mylar hydroponic grow tent is a inexpensive solution for starting a discreet cannabis garden indoors. A basic compact grow tent built with high quality canvas. This product line comes in 4 different size option, the smallest model is shown above.

Includes: 1 Opulent Systems 24″x24″48″ grow tent using double-stiched canvas, 98% reflective mylar grow tent with window, sock vents, heavy duty SBS zippers, metal frame, and removable floor tray.

Weight13.95 pounds
Warranty18 month warranty

Growtent Garden 48x24x60 Reflective 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Growtent Garden 48x24x60 Reflective 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent: Good for Weed & Cheap

Overview: A slightly larger grow tent that’s still in the budget price range, the Growtent Garden 48″x24″x60″ reflective 600D mylar hydroponic grow tent is a well tailored fully lightproof grow tent perfect for a your next dank bud plants. The 2’x4′ size is a good choice for fitting into closets, garages or corners of a room where it can be hidden. Comes in 6 size configurations, the mid-range model is displayed here.

Includes: 1 Growtent Garden hydroponic grow tent double-stitched with highly reflective tear proof mylar, view window, tool bag, vent holes, ports, removable mylar floor tray, 6 filter straps, high quality zippers, all metal poles rated to hold 110 lbs.

BrandGrowtent Garden
Weight20.4 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

VIVOSUN 30x18x36 Grow Tent – Low-Price

VIVOSUN 30x18x36 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent: Low-Price Reliability

Overview: VIVOSUN makes bargain-priced grow tents using quality extra-thick 600D canvas lined with a 98% reflective mylar interior. The model above is a best seller, sized at 30″x18″x36″ with larger configurations available including a kit with a 600W LED grow light. Ultra sturdy steel frame and extra hanging bars for lights. No tools needed for this easy set up.

Includes: 1 VIVOSUN grow tent with easy-view window and door, heavy duty zippers, mylar lined tear-resistant canvas, vent holes, entire steel frame, floor tray and bag.

Weight12.6 pounds
Warranty2 Year Warranty

Best Closet Grow Tents & Mid-Sized

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 2×2.5 – Best Closet Grow Tent 2019

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 2x2.5: Best Closet Grow Tent 2019

Overview: Another “Shorty” by Gorilla Grow Tents, this model is a bit smaller. A super durable extendable grow tent that starts at 4’11” high and can swap to 5’8″ with the 9′ extension kit (included). The Shorty can also be boosted up 2′ higher if you need with the 2′ extension kit, though be sure to pick the right matching dimension configuration (here on Amazon) as they vary in size. If you’re looking for a grow tent that will last for years to come, consider spending a little extra for a Gorilla Grow Tent.

Includes: 1 Gorilla Grow Tent “Shorty” made using thick canvas, view window, unique reflective diamond interior, strong zippers, IR-proof roof, steel frame, double-cinch vent holes and spill tray.

BrandGorilla Grow Tent
Dimensions2’x2.5’x4’11” w/9″ extension
Weight25.9 pounds
Warranty1 Year Warranty

iPower 48x24x60 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent

iPower 48x24x60 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent: Trusted by Marijuana Growers

Overview: With tons of positive reviews, the iPower 48x24x60 (2×4 cabinet size) Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow tent is a top bestseller for plant grow tents this year. Cheap and simple, does the job. The iPower grow tent uses double-layer vent holes, clip corners and a sturdy metal frame rated to hold max 110 lbs for hanging up your grow lights.

Includes: 1 iPower 48”x 24”x 60” Grow Tent made with sturdy 100% light proof material, 95% reflective mylar, hardy zippers and door, all steel poles, removable mylar floor tray 2 filter straps and user manual.

Weight14 pounds
Warranty1 yr. warranty

Apollo Horticulture 36x36x72 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Apollo Horticulture 36x36x72 Mylar Cannabis Grow Tent

Overview: Moving onto the mid-sized grow tents, the Apollo Horticulture 36x36x72 (3’x3’x6′) Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent provides more room for a couple thick weed plants to bloom in. Extra large access door and a zip window. The build quality is high and completely light-proof. You can get this grow tent for a pretty cheap price.

Includes: 1Apollo Horticulture 36″x36x72” Grow Tent made with 100% reflective tear-resistant mylar, removable floor tray, 2 filter straps, door, window, double stitched material with strong zippers, sock vents, mesh vents and metal bars.

BrandApollo Horticulture
Weight23.6 pounds
Warranty90-day warranty

TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent 48x36x72 – 2-Tiered

TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent 48x36x72: 2-Tiered for Propagation and Flower

Overview: If you’re looking for a medium-sized 2-in-1 grow tent at a cheap selling price, this TopoGrow model is the one. The TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent totals 48″x36″x72″ in size and uses diamond mylar interior for optimum light reflection. The kit comes with the stand for setting up the 2-tiered veg room for seedlings and small plants while the larger plants can grow separate in the attached bloom room.

Includes: 1 TopoGrow 2-in-1 multi-chambered grow tent with reflective growing tent cover, 2 doors, duct and mesh vents, water-proof mylar floor tray, entire frame, shelves and belts and assembly pieces with instructions.

Weight30.8 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Helios 48x48x80 Grow Tent – Durable

Helios 48x48x80 Grow Tent: Weed Closet

Overview: One of the best grow tents for the money, the Helios 48x48x80 grow tent is a durable build that uses thick 3/4″ powder-coated metal poles for maximum stability. The material is 600D tear-proof nylon with highly-reflective mylar inside. Huge door, double socked vents and 100% light proof.

Includes: 1 Helios Hydro grow tent cover with premium metal frame, two cross bars, removable floor insert, filter straps, heavy-duty zipper pull, roll open window and easy instructions.

Weight31.4 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Best Large Grow Tents

Growtent Garden 96x48x78 Grow Tent – Large

Growtent Garden 96x48x78 Best Grow Tent for Cannabis 2019

Overview: The cheapest large grow tent that you can fit in indoor garden of weed plants in is this Growtent Garden 96x48x78 grow tent. A budget-friendly light proof choice made with thick 600D well tailored reflective mylar, reinforced with heavy-duty metal poles and extra support bars for hanging your grow lights.

Includes: 1 Growtent Garden hydroponic grow tent with 3 heavy duty zipper doors, oxford tear proof mylar cover, waterproof removable floor tray, duct ports, mesh vents, 6 filter straps, complete metal frame and assembly items.

BrandGrowtent Garden
Weight46.6 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Apollo Horticulture 96x48x80 Grow Tent – Solid

Apollo Horticulture 96x48x80 Grow Tent: Highly Reviewed for Weed Growing

Overview: A well constructed large indoor grow tent that can fit a lot of dank cannabis buds, the Apollo Horticulture 96x48x80 grow tent assembles easily using a strong locking steel tube frame. High quality double stitching and sturdy zippers. 100% light proof, tear-resistant mylar lining, multiple support beams for hanging multiple grow lights.

Includes: 1 Apollo Horticulture grow tent with reflective tear proof mylar, double stitching, heavy duty zippers, entire steel frame, removable mylar floor tray, 2 filter straps and instructional pamphlet.

BrandApollo Horticulture
Weight46 pounds
Warranty90-day money-back guarantee

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88 GGTLT88 Grow Tent 8×8

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88 GGTLT88 Grow Tent 8'x8'

Overview: If you favor supreme quality over affordability than consider this huge Gorilla Grow Tent, an entire indoor grow room replacement. At 8 x 8 feet it stands 6’7″ tall though can be extended to 7’7″ with the separate kit. The build quality of Gorilla Grow Tents is superb, having strong tear-resistant canvas and beefy zippers that make this high price-tag worth it.

Includes: 1 premier 8’x8′ Gorilla Grow Tent made with thick canvas, diamond reflective mylar and solid metal interlocking frame, 360 degree sturdy zipper opening, back doors, duct ports, mesh vents and removable waterproof tray.

BrandGorilla Grow Tent
Weight76 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Hongruilite 120x60x80 Grow Tent – Extra Large

Hongruilite 120x60x80 600D Big High Reflective Mylar Good Hydro Weed Grow Tent

Overview: At 10 feet wide this extra large 120x60x80 grow tent by Hongruilite is enough for a multitude of plants to grow in. Using diamond mylar to enhance the reflective effect, it is made with tear proof 600D oxford cloth and bulky zippers for long-life durability. The model featured above is their largest option out of 12 different size configurations.

Includes: 1 Hongruilite 120x60x80 extra large grow tent with 4 doors, multiple double sock vent holes and mesh vents, 16mm metal frame rods, 96% reflective diamond mylar and oxford cover, nylon belts, and removable waterproof floor tray.

Weight59 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Topolite 120x120x80 Massive Grow Tent

Topolite 120x120x80 Massive Grow Tent: Best for Big Weed Plants

Overview: The Topolite 120x120x80 is about the biggest grow tent on the market right now without spending an arm and a leg. Enjoy filling this monster up with your favorite bud plants, there’s a raised section in the back for keeping the smaller plants above the canopy of the others. Opens up huge for easy maintenance.

Includes: 1 Topolite 120x120x80 massive indoor grow tent with 19mm metal support rods, 600D oxford cloth cover lined with highly reflective diamond mylar, 4 doors and huge opening, double layer duct ports, rectangle mesh vents, raised section and comes with more extras included.

Weight93 pounds
WarrantyUp to seller

Best Grow Tent Kits 2019

TopoLite Full Spectrum LED Grow Light + Multiple Size Grow Tent Kit

TopoLite Full Spectrum LED Grow Light + Multiple Size Grow Tent Kit Complete Set

Overview: Customize this Topolite grow tent kit to fit your grow specifications. Save money by buying this very inexpensive bundled package. Tent sizes range from 36″x20″x63 to 60″x60″x80. Choose your included LED grow light starting at 300W up to 1800W COB LEDs.

Includes: 1 TopoLite grow tent kit with LED grow light, tent is made from heavy duty 600D oxford material and mylar, double stitching, heavy duty zippers, duct ports, mesh vents and removable water-proof mylar floor tray.

DimensionsMultiple sizes
Light300W-1800W LED
WarrantyUp to seller

Hongruilite LED Grow Light + Multi-sized Grow Tent Kit Combo

Hongruilite LED Grow Light + Multi-sized Grow Tent Kit Combo Grow Weed

Overview: Get the entire indoor grow package with this grow tent kit that includes everything you need to start growing your own bud at home low cost and discreet. You can choose your tent size from 24″x24″48″ to 36″x36″x72 and pick either the 300w or 600w full spectrum LED grow light to go with it.

Includes: 1 Hongruilite grow tent kit with LED grow light choice, carbon filter, inline fan, flex ducting, hose clamps, changeable velcro pre-fitter. Grow tent is heavy duty 600D oxford cloth lined with 98% reflective mylar, takeout floor tray, mesh vents and double sock duct holes, strong covered zippers.

DimensionsMultiple sizes
Light300W/600W LED
WarrantyUp to seller

BloomGrow 48x48x80 Grow Tent + 800W COB LED Grow Light Kit

BloomGrow 48x48x80 Grow Tent + 800W LED Light Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit

Overview: The BloomGrow indoor grow tent kit gives you a powerful 800W COB LED grow light comes with your choice of 6 different sized grow tents from 36″x36″x72″ (48″x48″x80″ featured above) up to 60″x60″x80″. Comes with the entire set up for creating a healthy indoor climate for plants.

Includes: 1 BloomGrow kit with full Spectrum 800W COB LED grow light, 600D double stitched diamond mylar grow tent with waterproof floor tray, heavy duty zipper door, vents, activated carbon filter, 6” inline fan, ducting, clamps, grow light hangers and extra supplies.

DimensionsMultiple sizes
Light800W COB LED
WarrantyUp to seller

HTGSupply 3×3 Grow Tent Kit, 400-Watt HPS Grow Light + DWC Hydro System

HTGSupply 3x3 Grow Tent Kit, 400-Watt HPS Grow Light + DWC Hydro System

Overview: Start your own hydroponic grow system cheap using HTG Supply’s 3’x’3 grow tent kit, complete with 400W HPS grow light plus an DWC hydroponic system including fans, timer, nutrient line-up and much more. All you need is plants to get growing.

Includes: 1 AgroMax grow tent with 4 Bubble Boy Single Shot 3.5-gallon DWC hydroponic systems, HTG Supply 400-watt HPS grow light, 6″ inline fan and flange kit, 6″ circulation fan, bulb, hangers, tools, hygrometer, timer, and Advanced Nutrients Grow/Micro/Bloom combo pack.

BrandHTG Supply
Light400W HPS
WarrantyUp to seller

Grow Room 5×5 SuperCloset SuperRoom Hydroponic System Grow Tent Package

Grow Room 5x5 SuperCloset SuperRoom Hydroponic System Grow Tent Package Cannabis

Overview: A premier quality top-of-the-line hydroponic grow tent kit containing the very best, thickest, tallest and strongest grow tent available alongside a 600W air-cooled HPS light and ballast. Pick from the BubbleFlow RDWC 6 bucket system or the SuperFlow-20 system which is a combination of ebb-n-flow and aeroponics.

Includes: SuperCloset’s all-in-one hydroponic grow tent kit with 600W HPS, Lumatek ballast, reflector and bulb, 6″ inline fan, circulation fan and carbon filter, pH kit, TDS meter, net-trellis, rockwool cubes, nutrient starter kit and your choice of hydro configuration.

Light600W HPS
WarrantyUp to seller

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