The 9 Best Low Price & Affordable Bud Trimmer Machines Reviewed

Heavy-yielding bud harvests consume a lot of time to trim. Bud/leaf trimmer machines take the arduous job of hand trimming and speeds it up, enabling rapid processing of enormous herb harvests.

Many herb growers have found that, in the long run, it is more profitable to invest in a trimmer machine to process the bulk of the harvest, as opposed to hiring an expensive team professional trimmers to do the job by hand.

Bud/leaf trimmer machines come in all shapes and sizes, from cheap small electric razor blades to large scale industrial automated trimming units. No matter what your price range is, a bud trimmer machine is likely to be within your reach.

Cheap Lowest Price Bud/Leaf Trimmer Machines

The Clean Cut M-9000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer


The Clean Cut bowl leaf trimmer M-9000S has been proving itself as a top-quality non-electric bud trimmer at an affordable price. Powered by a hand-crank, the clear top lets you see what you are working with, and the solid metal gearbox with 18 months manufacturer warranty lets you invest in this trimming machine worry-free.

This leaf trimmer’s non-stick silicone fingers will not leave a scent, as compared to cheap rubber, and it’s adjustable cutting blade makes a longer and shorter cut easily possible. Available in brown, blue, black and green colors. Highly praised as a great value for it’s price, The Clean Cut M-9000S is a small investment for the amount of swift processing made simple. For best results: avoid over-filling the trimmer and if it jams don’t try to force it though, open it up and clear the blockage before proceeding any further. When used correctly, The Clean Cut M-9000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer can save up to 80% of your trimming time.

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TRIMPRO Unplugged


A sturdy, heavy-duty constructed hand-crank trimmer machine from a trusted company, the TRIMPRO Unplugged delivers top-of-the-line results, speeding up the processing time of herb harvests dramatically – all without the use of electricity. Touted as ‘our quietest trimmer ever’, this trimmer machine is discreet and lightweight, weighing in at only 7.5 lbs.

Many herb aficionados have taken fondly to the TRIMPRO Unplugged for it’s ability to outperform even highly-priced trimmer machines with it’s beautiful bud sculpting abilities and exceptional lack of damage to herb processed. This machine has no lid, enabling you to see how the trimming is happening real-time. The TRIMPRO Unplugged can trim both clockwise and counter-clockwise, rotate the handle slowly for a gentle, clean trim. Uses high-quality adjustable stainless steel blades.

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Corded Speedee-Trim with Pirahna blade

speedee2If you are looking trim dry herbs in a flash, this Speedee-Trim features the Pirahna ‘dry trim’ blade, making trimming dry flowers and herbs possible with speed and surgical-like precision. The Pirahna’s short blade length and thin construction allow for precise control while manicuring delicate dry herbs.

The small micro edge teeth along with custom blade tip angle allow intricate, spot-on sculpting of dried buds, and comes packed with a complimentary blade scrubber box and blade cleaning device to keep the trimmer machine at top speed and effectiveness. There are not many highly-reviewed dry herb trimming machines, as the process is inherently harder for machines to work with than fresh herbs, but the Pirahna-bladed Speedee-Trim stands out at the front of the pack of affordable dry herb & leaf trimmers.

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TRIM-DADDY Handheld Electric Power Trimmer


Providing quite the fun herb trimming experience, the TRIM-DADDY Handheld Electric Power Trimmer boasts a high powered 25,000 RPM Patent Pending Brushless Motor that is claimed to be impossible to overheat, as they state: “In fact, we leave our Trim-Daddy on for a week at a time for testing purposes, it stays lukewarm (at the same time we also left a “Speedee Trim” Trimmer on and its typical brush motor burnt out in a day and half).”

The TRIM-DADDY’s brushless motor keeps blades from being bogged down by sticky plant matter, and can be cleaned in mere seconds while in use – simply dip the blades in alcohol while the trimmer is running. Highly praised for its ease in trimming hard to reach places, and alleviates the dreaded aches and pains associated with long hours of trimming by hand. Trim fresh herbs like a rabbit and be secured by a one-year warranty.

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EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer



Standing out from the crowd of bud/leaf trimmers in a unique fashion, the EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer works by connecting to any standard wet/dry vacuum, while providing scissor trim quality. A fine-tuned, bearing-mounted stainless steel blade and high torque/low rpm motor operates to ensure hours of effortless herb trimming and manicuring.

Many professional trimmers have personally recommended the EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer for it’s high quality motor and operation, being a top quality option for saving bud trimming time without sacrificing quality. All the parts are simple and quick to clean, as well as readily replaceable. The EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer has been consistently labeled as a ‘No damage’ trimming machine when used correctly – save loads of time while keeping your harvest standards A-grade.

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Large Scale Inexpensive Bud/Leaf Trimmer Machines

TRIMPRO Original Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer


The classic industrial trimmer machine, the TRIMPRO Original Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer is a breeze to operate, even absolute beginners can figure out how to use it in the blink of an eye. Simply run your herb over the blade’s grated top, and the leaf trimmings will get sucked into the collection bag below – maintaining a clean and neat work-space for trimming operations.

Runs very quiet, which might catch some by surprise due to it’s industrial looks, the TRIMPRO Original electrical trimmer is equipped with a standard electric 110 volt motor. The whole trimmer machine is dismountable for easy storage and transport needs. Well-made with top-quality parts, TRIMPRO is a highly respected name in trimmer machines, and their original model still holds up superbly in today’s market.

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CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer

coztrimmerA kind of ‘Trimspector Gadget’ of trimmer machines, the COZ-Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer operates in 3-speed selection, while it’s blades and fan trims, rotates, fluffs and ejects trimmed herb/plant matter efficiently into the  catchment bag. The premier quality triple steel blades cut make precise cuts for top-notch results.

This quality stainless steel bud trimmer machine enhances productivity, it’s emptying hatch can be opened while the machine is running for non-stop production ability. The rotating platform is tiltable up to 180 degrees for swift cleaning in a pinch. The COZ-Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer runs at 220V 50HZ spinning at – Speed 1: 1050rpm, Speed 2: 1250rpm, Speed 3: 1450rpm – simply plug in and play.

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Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

tomtumblrTom’s Tumble Trimmer is a unique newcomer to the trimmer machine scene that has been giving it’s users amazing results. This bud trimmer machine is designed to work with dry herbs, tumbling them as the mesh net holes trims and protects delicate crystals.

Don’t be fooled by it’s novel looks, Tim’s Tumble Trimmer seriously deals with heavy harvests, churning out a pound of dried plant matter in about five minutes of operation. Features a speed control motor with two different sized nets for custom precision – make sure herbs are thoroughly dried for best results. With such a low price, anyone faced with the encumbering hassle of trimming a large crop should not hesitate to invest in this wonder machine.

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Trimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmer

trimprorotorProbably the most popular affordable but big-league trimmer machine, the TRIMPRO Rotor cleans up buds gently and efficiently, using it’s razor sharp tempered steel blades to manicure herbs. Quality, smart construction with adjustable blades has created an essential tool for the high-speed processor of large herb harvests.

An extremely easy to use bud trimming machine: separate the fresh flowers off the branches, placing them into the upper container of the trimmer – let the Rotor do the rest. The TRIMPRO Rotor is built at an angle, so that emptying the Rotor can be done simply by swinging the latch to open the door. Intricately trimmed flowers will gently exit the machine’s upper cylinder… all while the machine is still running – allowing rapid non-stop production.

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Cleaning Bud Trimmer Machines

Most bud/herb trimmer machines are recommend being cleaned every 2-3 hours of usage. This is relative to the resin content of the herbs you are working with. Keep a close eye on how your machine’s blades/nets are mucking up if you are working with resin-soaked plant matter.

Standard methods of trimmer machine cleaning involve using alcohol and/or veggie oils to such as hemp oil or olive oil to rid build-up. Each different trimmer machine model will have it’s own unique cleaning process specifications, so make sure to reference your owner’s manual/website for optimal results.


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