Best Low-Price Bud Trimmer Machines For Sale

The most effective bud trimmer machines on a cheap budget. Bowl trimmers, handheld electrics, tumbler machines plus Centurion Pro and Twister’s newest entry-level professional bud trimming machines, all for sale at low prices.

Cheap Bowl Bud Trimmer Machines

iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer

ipower leaf-bowl trimmer for cannabis buds

Overview: The iPower leaf bowl trimmer is a good non-electric bud trimming machine, at an affordable price that can save you 80% of trimming time. This manual operation unit comes with two adjustable blades, the wire blade is for dry buds and the flat blade is better for wet buds.


How it trims buds: The rubber fingers tumble buds while the blade trims the bud leaf that passes through the metal grate. Simply remove the top, place untrimmed buds on the grate, close it and rotate the handle clockwise for about 15-30 seconds. Remove the top again to reveal the trimmed buds. Leaf is caught in the lower section of the machine. Simple & easy to clean.



  • Operation: Manual Bowl
  • For trimming: Wet & Dry Buds



Risentech Bud Leaf Trimmer

risentech bud-leaf trimmer: cheap for cannabis machine

Overview: The Risentek bud leaf trimmer machine is built strong using a clear commercial-grade plexiglass lid and stainless body. For both wet and dry buds, this low-price bud trimmer includes two metal grates – one for wet trim and the other for dry trim. The blades can be adjusted further or closer to the grates.


How it trims buds: Put the buds inside the machine on top of either the wet or dry grate. Close unit and crank handle. The buds get tumbled around by silicone fingers (won’t leave a scent) and are trimmed by the blade underneath the grate. Trimmings fall into the bowl. The clear top lets you see how the buds are coming along. Avoid over-filling the unit for best results.



  • Operation: Manual Bowl
  • For trimming: Wet & Dry Buds



TRIMPRO Unplugged

the TRIMPRO unplugged bud trimming machine for marijuana

Overview: The TRIMPRO Unplugged is a heavy-duty manually-operated bud trimmer machine for wet buds. This is TRIMPRO’s “go-anywhere, quietest trimmer ever”. It’s lightweight (7.5 lbs) and operates quietly. The TRIMPRO Unplugged slices leaf by the crank of your hand using its high-quality stainless steel blades.


How it trims buds: Place buds onto the grate. Crank the handle either direction. The buds will tumble around and get trimmed by the stainless steel blades below the grate. Continue cranking for a few minutes, or until it looks like a good trim. This model is unique for a bowl trimmer because it has no lid, so you can see the buds extra sharp.



  • Operation: Manual Bowl
  • For Trimming: Wet Buds



Handheld Electric Bud Trimmers


speedee-trim handheld bud-trimmer low-price electric

Overview: The popular Speedee-Trim handheld electric bud trimmers work great for both wet and dry buds. They come as either a corded or a cordless unit and include the blade of your choice. Speedee-Trim makes four different blades that you can buy as complete models or separately. The Sabretooth and Butterfly blades are used for wet trimming, while the Piranha blade is used for dry buds and the Hammerhead blade is used for larger pruning.


How it trims buds: Hold the bud in one hand and the Speedee-Trim in the other. Turn it on and guide the blade around the buds. The side of the blade works best for getting the rough stuff while the tip is good for sculpting and finishing. Cordless gets about 2 hours of battery life running.



  • Operation: Motorized Corded or Cordless (battery included)
  • For Trimming: Wet or Dry Buds



EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer

ez trim wander trimmer handheld electric bud trimming machine for cannabis

Overview: The EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer works by connecting to any standard wet/dry vacuum. It has an adjustable speed motor to power the blade motion. The blade is bearing-mounted to the inside of the wand, and spins when you adjust the motor. Suction provided by the vacuum pulls leaf into the wand’s cutting slot and down to the vacuum.


How it trims buds: Just simply rotate the buds while you follow the leaves with the wand. You can rest the base of the wand on a table as you trim. Adjust the suction and cutting blade speed to find a sweet spot. Wipe excess material off the wand with a wet sponge. If you don’t want to get up to clean it spray it with an organic cleaner like orange oil, diluted with water.



  • Operation: Motorized Wand
  • For trimming: Wet Buds



Mid-Range Bud Trimmer Machines

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

toms tumbler bud trimmer dry for cannabisOverview: Tom’s Tumble Trimmers work well for trimming dried buds. Their models come in a range of sizes from small hand crank units to large automated machines. The mid-sized model shown above fits on a table and can automatically trim 1lb of dry buds in 5 minutes.


How it trims buds: Trims 12 pounds in an hour. Just load dried buds into the drum. Then turn the switch clockwise to start the variable-speed motor. The buds will tumble on the net while excess leaf falls down into the catch bag. There are two interchangable nets that come with this trimmer machine, one for the big stuff and the other is a 151 micron net used for catching kief. The nets are machine-washable.



  • Operation: Motorized Tumbler
  • For trimming: Dry buds



Trimpro Rotor Trimmer

trimpro rotor bud trimmer cheap automatic cannabis good

Overview: The TRIMPRO Rotor is an easy-to-use bud trimming machine for wet buds. The Rotor has strong leather fingers that tumble buds and sharp tempered steel blades (adjustable) that slice leaf. The machine works in the way that other bowl type trimming machines do. The Rotor is fully automated and has an exit door for buds.


How it trims buds: Turn it on, load buds into the top and let the Rotor do the rest. You’ll want to run each batch of buds for at least 5 minutes. The sturdy leather fingers do a lot to help trim. It’s built at an angle, so that emptying the Rotor can be done simply by swinging the latch to open the door. Simple & easy to clean.



  • Operation: Motorized Rotor
  • For trimming: Wet buds



Cheap Professional Bud Trimmers

Centurion Pro Tabletop Trimmer

centurion pro tabletop wet-dry bud-trimmer-machine low-price

Overview: The Centurion Pro Tabletop trimmer is the cheapest option for getting started in professional bud trimming machines. Included with this motorized unit are the leaf collector vacuum, hopper bag and your choice of their wet or dry Quantanium-coated non-stick tumber designed to keep trichomes intact. 10-year warranty.


How it trims buds: Processes 4-5lbs of dry buds or 15-20lbs of wet buds per hour. Turn on the vacuum, turn on the machine then simply load buds into the tumbler. The buds get rolled around in the tumber and get trimmed by the 5-bladed Toro-hardened cutting reel. Leaf gets collected in the vacuum while buds falls out the tumber and into a catch placed by the end of the machine.



  • Operation: Motorized Tumbler
  • For trimming: Wet or Dry buds



Twister T6 Trimming Machine

twister t6 bud trimming machine for wet-dry cannabis budsOverview: The Twister T6 is the brand’s lowest-priced entry-level model of professional bud trimming machines. Featuring a new design with FoodSafe Nitrated hardened steel blades adjustable up to 0.0005 of an inch for maximum control. Comes with the leaf collector vacuum, hopper and your choice of a wet or dry non-stick tumbler. 3 year warranty included.


How it trims buds: Trims 4 lbs per hour wet, 3 lbs/hour dry. Turn on the vacuum, turn on the machine and place buds into the hopper piece. The buds will fall into the spinning tumber, and get trimmed by the blade reel. Leaf gets sucked out through the vacuum. The buds then exit the machine and into a catch. Easy to assemble, lightweight & portable.



  • Operation: Motorized Tumbler
  • For trimming: Wet or Dry buds



Trimming Supplies

That means scissors, shears, gloves, trim trays, and more! Sure you got everything? Run though our Trim Weed Checklist to find out:

trim weed checklist harvest supplies, scissors

Frequently Asked Questions


Wet Trimming vs. Dry Trimming


Wet buds are the easiest to trim. Their leaves are big, crisp and easy to cut. Freshly harvested buds aren’t brittle like dry bud and their perky leaves catch well in grates and tumblers. After exiting a bud trimming machine, wet buds are then rack dried and come out uniform in appearance. Although rack drying doesn’t make pretty round buds so many growers would rather hang dry the buds first. However, most all bud trimming machines can process more wet buds than dry buds per hour.

wet vs dry buds cannabis-trimming for machines

Dry buds take longer to trim. Their leaves are shrunk and curled inwards. If the buds are half-dry the leaves are wilty and don’t slice well. If the buds are overdried they may be too brittle to go in the machines without breaking off a lot of trichomes in the process. The benefit is that if the buds are hang-dried on lines first they form up nice and round. This is why some growers prefer to use a bud trimmer machine after drying. Tumbler-design machines work good for bulk trimming dry buds.


Is it Worth the Price?


It’s worth it if you use it. Small harvests don’t need much more than a pair of scissors and a few hours of work. Once you are harvesting more than you can deal with, using a handheld trimmer or compact machine starts to becomes helpful. Bud trimmer machines cut down on the time it takes to deal with those not-so-fun to trim buds, especially the lower end “pinchy” buds. You can still manicure the tops by hand if you please but send the pinchy buds to the machine to get it done and forget it.

is a bud trimming machine worth the money (low-price)?

Many growers get sore and tired of trimming by hand so they buy a bud trimmer machine to do the work for them. Even the small cheap bud trimmers can speed up the time of harvest. The tabletop tumbler machines make it so easy that all you have to do is break down buds and load them in.


Do Trimmer Machines Damage Buds?


When buds are rolling around inherently there’s going to be some trichome damage. All we can do is try to minimize it. The machines that use non-stick tumblers are less abrasive than the bowl trimmers, and process bud in less time. Adjusting the blades of a bud trimmer machine too close may slice off pieces of bud.

bud after trimmer machine damaged buds

As far as handheld bud trimmers go the Wander Trimmer is called the “no-damage bud trimmer” – it only cuts the leaf that gets sucked into the wand. The Speedee Trim on the other hand is open-faced so it’s up to the operator to make the right cuts.


Cleaning Bud Trimmer Machines


Bud trimmer machines need to be cleaned regularly. In most cases this means take a minute to clear out the excess material built-up on the blade. Eventually, whether it’s wet buds or dry buds either way the resin sticks and is hard to get off of equipment. Ways clean off resin include using soap & hot water, vinegar, plant oil, alcohol and other organic cleaners.


Each bud trimmer machine model will have its own unique cleaning process specifications, so make sure to reference your owner’s manual or website for best results.


Best Bud Trimmers For Sale Shortlist

iPowerManual BowlWet & Dry BudsVIEW PRICE ►
RisentechManual BowlWet & Dry BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Trimpro UnpluggedManual BowlWet BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Speedee TrimHandheld ElectricWet or Dry BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Wander TrimmerHandheld ElectricWet BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Tom’s TumblerDry TumblerDry BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Trimpro RotorMotorized RotorWet BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Centurion Pro TabletopProfessional TumblerWet or Dry BudsVIEW PRICE ►
Twister T6Professional TumblerWet or Dry BudsVIEW PRICE ►


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