TRIM WEED CHECKLIST: Scissors & Harvest Supplies Guide

Trim Weed Checklist: best bud trimming scissors and all required supplies for harvest

Best bud trimming scissors and harvest supplies guide. What are the best scissors for trimming weed by hand? What supplies do I want near me during harvest, trim, dry and cure? Run through the checklist to find out!

trimming cannabis with bud trimmings scissors

Best Bud Trimming Scissors

Fiskars Micro-Tip Trimming Scissors

Fiskars Microtip Trimming Scissors

Fiskar micro-tip scissors are the best bud trimming scissors for most jobs of trimming and manicuring. Sharp blades and easy action. Eventually you can resharpen them with a sharpening stone or a Fiskars scissors sharpener. Don’t waste your money on cheap knock-off scissors (the blades are always off!). Get the original Fiskars that have been trusted by professional bud trimmers for decades.




Small Scissors for Manicuring

Small Sewing Scissors for Manicure

If your hand is getting tired and sore using spring scissors, these small sewing scissors are the next best choice. The no-spring design of these scissors is easy on the wrists and hands. Although the scissors don’t open up as wide as other models, so poodle cut with the bigger scissors first. Small scissors work best for the final manicure where you want to get in close to the bud.




Curved Blade Bud Trimming Scissors

Curved Blade Scissors for Trimming

The curved blade bud trimming scissors are a unique design you may want to keep nearby for certain trimming situations. They help with getting into the tight spots behind and in-between buds with their long, sharp stainless steel blades. Comes with a free belt holster.




Big Scissors for Bud Trimming

Big Fiskar Scissors for Trimming

Large bud trimming scissors are good for “poodle cuts” running through the big stuff or if you are just trying to process the plants as fast as you can. These easy action 10-inch Fiskar scissors are just the tool you need. The easy-action design has been awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. Titanium blade coating. Soft grip handle.




Pruning Shears

Pruner Shears for Branches

Pruning shears are good to chop your plants up with. Your bud trimming scissors will last longer if you use pruning shears for the big jobs like breaking down branches off your freshly harvested plants. Sharp pruning shears work well for slicing up all of the plant stalks and branches into neat sizes ready for trimming.




How to Clean Bud Trimming Scissors

Trimming scissors and shears will get black and gunky quick when working with dank resinous buds. Especially the hashy indica strains with their thick gooey resin that sticks everywhere. That’s why you should always have extra scissors clean and ready to use.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol (91-99 percent isopropyl) is used in trimming rooms for soaking resin-soaked scissors in, for cleaning. Submerge your gunky scissors in the alcohol then rub off any resin buildup, cleaning the blades and intersections. If you have a few pairs of bud trimming scissors, you can rotate them in and out of the alcohol cup when you need new ones.





An Orange

Hawaiian growers use citrus fruit like oranges to clean gunky bud trimming scissors. The citrus oil found in the fruit’s skin helps to clean off sticky resin. You can stick your scissors directly into the orange or even better grind your scissors in the skin.

Trim Trays, Trim Stations

Trim Bin Tray for Kief

TrimBin Tray for Trimming Weed

This TrimBin features high walls that keep leaf from falling out the sides, plus its two-part design catches anything that slips through its 150 micron screen. Screen is replaceable and can be changed out with a 220 micron screen for finer kief collection. Highly reviewed model. Available from single units up to 8 unit packs.




Cardboard Soda Flat Box

A cardboard boxMost gas station convenience stores or supermarkets have loads of these cardboard flats and will probably be happy give them to you for free. Lay down newspaper inside the box to keep kief and small pieces of bud from getting stuck inside the flaps and you got a free trim tray.

Hanging Your Harvest

Line for hanging

Cord for Hanging Branches

Set up lines for hanging. You could use braided cord, solid wire, or even cloth hangers. Smooth, solid lines like fishing line are not as easy because the line will sag and the branches will all slide into the center. The braided cord helps for that grip factor (but you also don’t want to use ratty old twine that will drop fibers onto your buds, so get clean braided cord).




Bud Drying Racks

drying rack for buds

Screen racks can dry a lot of buds quick and do it in a compact area. You could trim your buds and put them in here from day 1 harvest, although the buds will lose their shape and flatten out a bit. If you hang the buds for a few days first, and then put them into the drying rack, you can keep that round bud shape.




Storage and Curing

When the buds are hung until almost dried, they are then moved into bags or container to cure. It is important that the buds are able to gas off (release their chlorophyll gas), so you “burp” the jars or open the bags regularly to release that gas.

Question: What’s the best room temperature for drying?

Rough Answer: 65-75°F (18-24°C)

Paper Bags

Curing Herb in a Paper Bag

Paper bags work good for the last 10% of drying. When hanging buds to dry you may notice the smaller buds will be crispy way before than the big colas, so what you can do to even things out is break them down at “almost dried” and let them slowly finish up drying in the paper bags before you move them into real storage.

Grocery Bags

How to Tie a Grocery Bag

Grocery bags are more airtight than “zip locks” if you tie them right. Double or triple them up for best results. Tie a single hitch as demonstrated above. Grocery bags are easy to open up, shuffle and let buds gas out evenly. Not for long term storage.

Garbage Bags

Storing cannabis in garbage bags

Whether you fill them up with leaf trimmings or use them as intermediary storage for buds, garbage bags are very helpful during harvest. Double up normal garbage bags or use heavy duty contractor clean-up bags for best results.




Mason Jars

Mason Jars for Storage

Now it’s time for real deal airtight storage. Not completely stored yet though, you will want to air out the buds in the jars regularly until they are completely cured. Once buds are cured, you can then vacuum seal the glass jars with a kitchen sealer and this jar sealer here to put them away for years.




Vacuum Sealer and Bags

Vacuum Sealer with Bags

You can buy a roll of vacuum seal bags to cut and make as long as you want, fill them up with buds, suck the air out and have pretty well preserved bud that can be stashed in a wall or secret area. Second place storage option next to jars. For best results in long term storage keep the loaded vacuum sealed bags in a dark, dry location.




Beware of Zip Baggies
Sandwich and Freezer zip lock bags are not airtight! Only rely on zipper baggies for short term storage of buds.


Scales are needed to record weights throughout the trimming process. See the best scales for weed here👇(opens in a new tab)

Best Scales for Weed

Humidity in the drying room

Question: What’s the best humidity range for the drying room?

Rough Answer: 45-55% RH (relative humidity)

Hygrometer (Humidity Meter)

Hygrometer Humidity Meter

A hygrometer measures a rooms relative humidity. Good quality hygrometers sell for cheap online – it’s better to check and be safe (mold-free dank bud) than to guess and be sorry (moldy trash). Above: RockyMars RT36





Best Dehumidifier for Drying Herb

A dehumidifier is used to lower the humidity of the drying room. With a humidifier you can drop the humidity in a room to the optimal 45-55% RH range. Some people say that the buds burn unevenly if you use a dehumidifier too much.
Above: The Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier




Note: If you’re off-grid with no electricity you can try to build a wood stove rather than using a dehumidifier for your drying room humidity problems. Just a few hot coals will dry out the room. Keep buds far enough away from the fire at a safe 65-75°F (18-24°C) temperature range.

Hand Cleaner

Gojo Heavy Duty Pumice Hand Cleaner

If you don’t use gloves while trimming buds, your hands will quickly get covered in sticky black resin. Use heavy-duty hand cleaner to clean the grimiest, stickiest hands. Above: Gojo Pumice Hand Cleaner




Best Gloves for Trimming

Nitrile Gloves

Black Nitrile Gloves

If you’re going to use gloves for trimming herb, be sure to use powder free gloves to ensure that nothing passes on to the buds. These black nitrile gloves are thicker and hold up better than cheaper options. The best gloves for trimming sticky buds.




Eye Protection

When you are looking up at hanging buds, you’re bound to get particles in your eyes. Most people don’t trim buds with safety glasses on, but if you are breaking down large hanging plants into branches or putting branches onto hanging lines they are helpful.

Clear Safety Glasses

Clear Safety Glasses

These NoCry wrap-around clear safety glasses are anti-fog, scratch resistant, and protect from 90-100% of UV rays. A top bestselling product with thousands of positive reviews and a cheap price.




Eye Drops

Eye Drops

All the chlorophyll gas and chronic herb going off in a room makes many people’s eyes very red. These cooling eye drops give a cooling sensation while helping eye redness or dryness.





Sharpie Markers - Trimming Supplies

You can organize and label everything with markers for recording plant weights and keeping plants separate to avoid any mix-up in the final product.




Seat and Back Cushions

Trimming herb by hand for long hours makes your neck and back sore. Give yourself more time to trim in comfort with memory foam cushions for your back and butt.

Best Back Cushion for Trimming

Cushion for your back. Above: The LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion (Black). A top rated bestseller.




Best Seat Cushion For Trimming

Cushion for your butt. Above: The Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion, Cool Gel Memory Foam Large Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow for Sciatica, Back, and Tailbone Pain (Black). Cheap low price and great reviews.




Bud Trimming Machines

Are you using a bud trimmer machine to help deal with your harvest? It sure can help save time. Continue reading to see our best bud trimmers list.

The Best Bud Trimmer Machines - Continue Reading


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