Top Cash Crop Strains for Growers – Sour Diesel Review [GET SEEDS]

There’s a reason that Sour Diesel has stood out above other strains for such a long time. With it’s shining light-green buds reeking of high-society dankness, Sour Diesel represents the classic ‘heady’ weed.

Sour Diesel A+

Sour Diesel review/story by Young Buck:

So this is the story of some real bros living life. This was back before being a bro was cool. We had some airsoft guns and some beer, so just chillin’ one day.

In came Fudge. This dude is wild. What else would he have with him other than a box full of the dank chronic? Take a look at what’s in there and damn that pine freshness hit me hard. These buds are bright green, tight and so fresh with sparkles. Nobody had this dank ’round here yet.

Yeah we rolled up that chronic. Straight talkin’ A-grade madness weed, that’s for sure. Now what you gonna do eyes so red? Got you all thinking on the next-level. That’s some Sour D.

This weed smells like fresh lemons and skunk or diesel. If you’ve never smelled ‘good weed’ before, you need to get that Sour Diesel. Super stinky, smell-though-your-bag down the block weed. Gets some people too high. Sativa is not for amateur smokers. Sour D will send you.

Sour D is some high-quality A-grade cannabis that will catch you in a gaze. Medusa has nothing on this cripitty-chronic. The resin is clear and the herb shines like no other. Anybody that comes by wants it all.

Break that bud up and that clear resin gets oily on your fingers. The resin is not so sticky as it is oily and sharp with crystals. Burns nice because it isn’t super dense like an indica strain. Try dry-hitting the doobie before you smoke it and it’s like a candy inhaler.

When you taste this bud, it hits tasty and clean. You’ll get an sweet-dank aftertaste that sticks with you for a few minutes. Make sure you have the real-deal top-quality Sour Diesel cannabis, there is a lot of fake Sour D going around, posers.

Get the true Sour Diesel sativa high, and you’re gonna feel her rise up your head space. Colors and energy. That’s because Sour Diesel is a sativa-dom strain, really psychedelic and energetic. Sativa-doms burn well in joints and are the ‘preferred favorite’ of the daily functioning herb smoker.

For growers: Sour Diesel plants are cash-crop machines. While you gotta wait a little bit longer for flowering, the sativa prime quality buds you get will make it all worth it. Get Sour Diesel a good veg cycle, then bring her late in flowering all the way to the end. You want plenty of high-intensity light or full sun. Keep Sour Diesel in a aerated mix with plenty of nutes and don’t harvest early.

sour d
Big dominant colas are produced by Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Seed Strain:

Sour Diesel seeds and clones can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. Sour Diesel will not disappoint. Grown correctly indoors, this strain will produce 450 to 550 grams per square meter. SCROG and SOG methods work well, as the sativa genetics may stretch her out during flowering.

Sour Diesel can be grown from regular-feminized cannabis seeds or clones. Indoors make sure to feed Sour D heavy and keep the grow-room sterile, as Sour Diesel may be prone to powdery mildew (PM). It’s better to stay protected and sterile from the very beginning then to have a problem that’s hard to remove. For organic growers, here are 6 ways to cure powdery mildew on cannabis organically.

Sour Diesel has the genetic potential to turn huge if that’s what you desire. Provided with the right amount of light and fair conditions/nutrient availability, Sour Diesel will aggressively morph into a beastly, multi-pound bush – a reliable variety for ‘tree farmers’.

Outdoor cultivators start Sour Diesel early in the season, grown outdoors with additional lighting to provide an extended vegetative cycle for these cannabis monsters. Read how up-mauka Hawaiian growers do it here.

Sativa genetics of Sour Diesel add resilience against grey bud mold(botrytis) related problems, although be sure to take extra care and precautions during late flowering to ensure a healthy mold-free harvest. Watch out for powdery mildew, and keep young plants sprayed with an organic protectant.

Sour D possesses a flowering time of about 9 to 10 weeks. While this may seem longer than other popular commercial varieties of marijuana, you can be assured that she is worth the wait, rewarding growers with shiny, brilliant Sour Diesel A+ nuggets.

Sour Diesel’s exact lineage is a shady matter with many different conflicting stories explaining her creation. An interesting article about this can be read here.

The potency of Sour Diesel may be too strong for rookie smokers. Being tested at over 20% THC, this sativa variety will get you high. Mostly a heady sativa experience, but also bringing a taste of that hard indica ‘kick-to-the-face’ garnished on top.

The feelings attributed to Sour Diesel are often enhanced sense of color and raised energy, both mentally and physically – however, this can be too much for some, bringing certain smokers feelings of paranoia.

When it comes time for yield to be the top objective of  your marijuana grow operation (which can be done legally nowadays in many areas wordwide), what do you look for in a cannabis strain?

Sure you can go the straight heavy-yielder route, or you opt for varieties with intriguing colors and exotic flavors.

 But what really multiplies your yields’ worth is the quality of the cannabis.

Properly finished all the way to the end of it’s cycle, Sour Diesel ranks in as top-of-the-line marijuana. People recognize the well-known name, and it has a reputation of excellence. This is why Sour Diesel can be defined as an ideal cash crop strain.

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